180 Days

So yesterday was the 180th day that I logged into MyFitnessPal.com in order to track my daily calorie consumption. I have officially lost 71 pounds in 6 months.  No easy feat.

I have to tell you guys… I don’t care what fad diet you think will make you skinny or what any trainer tells you about working out, the only way to really lose weight and keep it off is to eat right.  I have heard it said that “no amount of exercise can undo a bad diet.” It is the gospel.

For me, there is only one way to make sure I am eating right and that is to count calories.  I know there are some Paleo types out there that will say, “You don’t have to count calories if you eat Paleo…” Well that maybe true, but in the end Paleo is just a fad diet too.

You have to know what you are putting into your body on a regular basis in order to be able to control it.  Counting calories is the way I do this.  When I first started, I set a calorie limit of 1650 calories per day.  I set up an account on MFP and I downloaded the phone app.  I log everything that I eat AS SOON AS I AM DONE EATING, so that I do not forget anything later in the day.

When I first started, I did research on what were low calorie foods.  What I started to discover was that there were foods that may be lower in calories or foods that fit into my limits calorically, but they they were not as nutritional or as healthy for me as other foods.  I decided that I would  try and not only count my calories, but also eat food that was good for my body.  I have cut sugar and processed foods down to a bare minimum in my diet. I have increased my vegetable intake by an immeasurable amount. I eat around 120-140 grams of protein per day.  I barely ever eat red meat.  I eat a lot of sushi.

180 days. 6 months. 71 pounds. Probably about 50 more pounds to go.

The reason that it won’t be a problem to lose more is that my eating is now a lifestyle, not a diet. All things are permissible, but not all things are profitable.


Here are some pics from my sister’s wedding this past weekend and a picture of me at my heaviest to compare.  Let’s fight this fight.

My grandmother and I

My beautiful bride


2004 - 350lbs

2011 - 265 lbs

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