2013 South Carolina Triathlon Series Rookie of the Year

I had a decent race at Hilton Head this past weekend. I came into the race knowing that I had a chance to place third in the SC series in my division, but I also knew that it was a long chance. I would have to bring my A game in order to get past the guy in front of me. Well, he must have known that because he brought his A++ game and beat me solidly.  I will give a recap of that race in the next couple of days, but I wanted to talk about the SC standings in this post.

Here is a picture from the Clemson Triathlon back in May.


See those results?  That was an omen of the results to come. The results from that race are the same results for Clyde division in the SC Triathlon Series.

First place went to teammate and powerhouse Jason Trotta.
Second went to an incredible sportsman and all around great guy, Justin Ferren.
And third place went to my season long friendly-nemesis, yet ridiculous athlete Jason McLees.

I have never in my life found such awesome comradery amongst competitors. It was an honor racing with these guys and I feel privileged to be in the same division.

I went into the awards ceremony on Saturday night knowing that I would not be getting an award, but that I would still be cheering on the awesome guys in my division (as well as a couple of other guys who placed in the tops of their respective division ((T3 and George!)))

As I was sitting there munching on the yummies and cheering on my friends, the director for Setup Events and the SC Triathlon Series announced my name as a Rookie of the Year award. I heard him, but thought that he was joking because they had never actually given that award before.  As a matter of fact, I had told him earlier that he SHOULD give that award.  Well apparently he thought it WAS a good idea…

I am very proud to wear this crown.  I had a great first triathlon season and I feel like even though I did not place in the series, my hard work was worth it.  I look forward to continuing racing triathlon and whatever else might come my way…




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