35 is Half of 70.3

So did you hear? I turned 35 yesterday. That is almost my mid thirties.

You know what I gave myself for my birthday this year?

That’s right.



As my long time shareholders will know, it was only a short time ago that I was too fat for rides at Disney World. And yet in less than 36 hours I will be competing in a half-iron distance triathlon. That is just crazy talk.

It didn’t really hit me until a week or so ago that I would be turning 35 the week before this triathlon. 35 is half of 70. 70.3 is the distance I will be covering on Saturday. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THAT MEANS???!? It means nothing. But it is a funny coincidence. No, check that. It isn’t funny at all.

So I want everyone to know that I am nervous, yet excited about this race on Saturday. I feel physically prepared. I am reaching mental preparedness. And I have a check list!  Nay! I have 2 checklists.


What more do I need?

Oh yeah! How about a sweet white tiger transition towel? Check.


If you are interested, I do believe there is going to be live tracking. If you want to watch me crush the elderly contestants (and maybe if there are any pregnant ones, I can beat them too) then make sure to keep an eye on my Facebook page where I will be posting my bib number and the web address where you can track. Make sure, if you are working, to tell your boss that this is more important than TPS reports.

That’s all I have to say about that.


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