500 Yards


If chlorine is my perfume then consider me someone who smells good.

Yeah, that sounded much better in my head. Being cool like Miles Davis just wouldn’t work in this instance…

Regardless, working with a swimming coach is paying off in spades. Allow me to demonstrate…

When I did my first triathlon back this past summer, I swam 650 yards in 15:36.  This morning I swam 500 yards in 8:45.  That is quite an improvement.  I am not good at math but I am almost certain that is a 1000% improvement by at least half.

Megan, my swim coach told me that she is elated by my progress over such a short period of time.  Now that being said, I am a humble guy and I don’t know how to take compliments very well. I always get the feeling that people are just saying these types of things because they feel sorry for me or something and they just want to make me feel better.

But then I get hard data, like a much improved swim time, and I think, “Hmmm. Maybe I AM doing ok…” I have GOT to get over that anchor in my head holding me down.

I will be racing the Paris Island Sprint Triathlon in 3 weeks as a “warm-up” for my half in April. I keep having these manic ups and downs, like I am want to do. But knowing that the swim portion is 500 yards, I can’t help but feel excited that I know I can do that and do it in a respectable time.



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  • Lynda @ Hit The Road Jane
    Twitter: HitTheRoadJane

    I have the same complex when my swim coach compliments me lol but that is a huge leap you made! Wow! Congrats on the hard work and dedication 🙂 that’s a long way to swim (at least for me) right now we just do a lot of drills and sets.

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