What good is a business no one knows about?

What do Google, Budweiser, Apple, American Idol, Harley-Davidson, and Pepsi (or for the less refined pallets, Coke) all have in common?

You have heard of them.
(unless you live under a rock … or in Scranton, South Carolina…sorry emily)

What good would a business be if no one had heard of it? It wouldn’t be any good.  It would fail.  Right?  That is what a good marketing plan and advertising are all about.  That is why I make a living in the outdoor advertising business.  People want to get their name out there.

Now consider this.  If I am running my weight loss like a business, what good does it do me to try and hide the fact that I am trying to lose weight?

In the past I have tried and failed at losing weight.  Almost all of you who know me DID NOT know that I was even trying.  I hid it because I did not want to have to explain anything, or discuss my weight, or have people watching me to see if I was eating healthy or whatever.

Well that failed.  Just like Slurm Cola.  The cola you never heard of.

It may seem that I am shamelessly plugging this website at every opportunity.  Or that I am talking to everyone and anyone about this adventure.  Well I am not sorry about that.  It is part of my marketing plan.  The more people that know about this, the more my chances of succeeding increase.  The more people subscribed to my blog, the more encouragement I get when I post a thread about hitting a wall. I haven’t posted about that yet, but I am sure that I will.  The more folks checking in on me, the more accountability I have and the more motivation I have to complete this task.

Also, I get to help people.  I have had several people tell me that one of my Facebook or Twitter stati (the plural of status) have encouraged them or inspired them.  I have also had some folks on Twitter ask me about what I am eating or how I am exercising.

Then of course there is the Louie’s Kids Commitment.  To know that I can help kids who wouldn’t get the help otherwise is a blessing and an honor.

So that brings me to the end of this post.  I have two requests from you , my loyal readers.

  1. Please, if you are serious about losing weight, don’t hide it.  Tell people.  You don’t have to tell everyone, but tell someone.  Tell the folks who are going to be supportive yet challenge you to push on and succeed. No one ever heard of tv show “So Who Wants to Lose a Limb for Money” and that is because it never made it to tv. Making it public will increase your chances of succeeding.
  2. Please tell everyone you know about this website.  My chances of success increase with each person who subscribes to this blog, facebook page, or twitter feed.  Help me reach out.


Thanks folks.  Eat well and locomote.


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