Week 76 – A Crossfit State Lines

So this is supposed to be a week that I weigh-in. But I totally forgot until I sat down to write the post. That means it will not be a weigh-in post. But I think you figured that out already. You are so smart. That is why I love you. Well, that and your money…

When I last updated you on the adventure that is my life, I was just about to run the Susan G. Kommen Lowcountry Race for the Cure with my beautiful wife. It was her first ever run and it had significant meaning for her to be running in honor of her Aunt Bea, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The race was extremely successful with somewhere around 8000 participants. I paced Deetz the entire time to keep her motivated and encouraged, but in reality, she was so determined that she didn’t even need me there I don’t think! Our official time for the 5k was 35:40 which I think will blow her away when she reads this. I don;t think she knows her official time and it is so much better than she was expecting. Well honey…It is official. You can look it up here!

We didn’t take any pics on the route, nor did we remember to take a pic with our bibs on. But I know that you believe me that we raced AND finished…Don’t you?

PS- Deetz is going to be writing a first time race recap for me as soon as possible. She had to manage the kids all week by herself though and it is hard to write anything when there is a hurricane blowing in your living room…

So about 3 hours after the race I boarded a plane for Dallas for a conference. This is the part of the post where I tell you about the intentions I had to work out and eat clean while on the road.

This is ALSO the part where I tell you that not only did I have INTENTIONS to eat clean and work out. I actually DID it.

My business partner and I worked out three of the four days that we were gone. We hit the hotel gym on Tuesday and did our own little version of EcoCross and then went out and did sprints in the parking lot. On Wednesday we put in about a 3 mile run on the hotel’s “running trail” which looked conspicuously like a sidewalk. The conference food was pretty much what you would expect, so we made a concerted effort to stock up on the offerings of fruit and veggies, avoid the breads and sauces, and eat small amounts of the meat that was offered. One morning we hit a breakfast buffet with an omelette station and loaded up on fruit and healthy option omelettes.

I hope you read far enough down to get to this part of the post now. This is by far the coolest thing that happened during my trip.

My homeboy Chris Donnelly from The Journey TV invited me to hit a Crossfit gym with him while I was out in his stompin grounds. His actual box was closed on the only day that I could get away from the conference, but luckily his friend Bevin from Grapevine Crossfit welcomed us to come check her place out. It was actually my first time stepping foot in an official CF box.

We got there a bit early and met some of the regulars in the parking lot. They gave us the heads up that the WOD was 3 rope climb, 9 squat cleans 135lb, 12 24″ box jumps x 3 rounds. We all went in and proceeded to warm up. We did the normal warm up routine and then did a couple of 400m runs. Then we went into the WOD. Everyone in the gym was really friendly and no one made fun of me for not being able to do rope climbs. I modified with assisted pull-ups instead and also I went 95lbs on the squat cleans instead of 135, mainly because it was a motion I had not done before. Yeah, yeah. I’m a wuss. Whoopee. After the WOD, Dan (my business partner and cohort in the EcoCross KettleHell class) and I were itching for more. We ended up doing working on our dead-lift form.

It was a really awesome experience and it was REALLY great to get to see what is happening in other gyms and CF boxes around the Nation. If I ever travel to your neck of the woods, you had better be ready to take me to your gym!

Me, poppin a squat clean.

The BeastMan, Chris Donnelly (Dan in the background).


I hope that this post encourages you and gives you inspiration to eat right and move right even when you are travelling. Make friends online. Tell them when you are going to be in their area. Get together and put on your beast face. Do it.


Peace. Love. Squat.



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