A Diamond For Your Heart

Does anyone remember those SNL skits with the guys from Chicago. The Superfans.

They were always sitting around eating large quantities of sah-sages and drinking beer. And then inevitably one of them would end up having a “heart attack.”

So uh, how many heart attacks does that make for you? Yeah, a baker’s dozen…

Let me tell you something. Having a heart attack is not something that I ever want to happen to me. They are making light of it in the SNL skit, and don’t get me wrong, the skit is funny, but heart disease kills more people than anything else in the US, and that should actually scare you.

Here is another thing…  Heart disease is totally preventable.

When I decided to get healthy, not dying early was on the top of my list for good reasons to get started. A lot of overweight people get heart disease because of their diets. I DID NOT want to become a victim of something that I could control. So I started eating better.

One of the hardest parts of eating better is eating the “right” types of foods, especially when you get that urge to snack.

Well, I wanted to take just a minute of your precious time to relay something that you might already know.

Almonds are really good for you!

Blue Diamond, who I know you have heard of, just recently announced that several of their products were certified by the American Heart Association as Heart Healthy foods. The AHA works to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. When a consumer spots the AHA Heart-Check mark on food packaging, they can rest assured that the food meets the strict guidelines for a heart-healthy food.

This is awesome news.


Here are the flavors that received the certification:

Whole Natural
Roasted Salted
Low Sodium
Sea Salt
No Salt
Honey Dijon

And here is a video that you need to watch that gives even more insight into how incredible this is…

Blue Diamond Growers has been around for over 100 years and are always innovating new flavors and products for consumers to enjoy. Blue Diamond Growers has over 3,000 California almond growers delivering delicious almonds all over the world. For more on Blue Diamond Almonds, visit BlueDiamond.com and “like” Blue Diamond Almonds on Facebook.

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