A New Category – The Good Eats

I have decided to add a new post category to my blog.  I am calling it The Good Eats.

I realize that I have not been all that great about telling you EXACTLY what it is that I am doing to lose weight. I can say that I am eating healthy and exercising all day long, but I would like to be a little more specific.  From now on I will try and post, at least once a week, what a healthy eating day looks like for me (a page from my food diary) and maybe a healthy recipe or something like that.  I hope that you enjoy it.  Maybe I can even inspire some of you guys to try out some new foods and/or make better eating choices.

I have up’d my calories from 1650 per day to 1800 per day now that I have lost over 50 pounds.  I think that I am going to need more sustenance to build more muscle. I really try and eat most of my calories earlier in the day and then less calories in the afternoon.  Not sure if there is any science to that but, hey, I’m not a scientist. What is this, rocket carpentry?

Here is a page from an 1800 calorie food day. Remember that I ONLY drink water with my meals:

Breakfast – 305 Calories   17 g Protein
1 – 60z Chobani Greek Yogurt Blueberry (140 cals)
1/2 cup – Whole Foods GingerZing Granola  (140 cals)
2 – 1200mg Nature Made Fish Oil softgels

Early Snack – 206 Calories 14 g Protein
1.1 oz – Turkey Perky Jerky (55 cals)
3 – Trader Joe’s Unsulfured Apricots (66 cals)
1/8 cup –   Trader Joe’s Roasted/Unsalted Cashews (85 cals)

Lunch – 475 Calories 51 g Protein
1 skewer – Chicken Souvlaki  4oz (185 cals)
2 tbsp – Muhammara (100 cals)
1/2 cup – Mediterranean Cucumber Salad (25 cals)
1 – Pita Bread (165 cals)

Dinner – 495 Calories 24 g Protein
3 Tacos – Qdoba Mexican Grill (chicken, lettuce, cilantro, guacamole)

After Exercise – 255 Calories 16 g Protein
1 box – 8 oz Orgain Protein Shake – Creamy Chocolate

Before Bed – 60 Calories 16 g Protein
1 cup – 8 oz Silk Natural  Pure Almond milk (60 cals)

Don’t forget that I am using www.MyFitnessPal.com to track my daily calories and exercise. I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about my food choices, although I can’t promise that the answers will be the right ones.

How are you tracking what you are eating and what it is costing you in caloric value?


5 comments to A New Category – The Good Eats

  • Krissie J
    Twitter: phillynerdgirl

    I actually broke up with total calorie tracking in the last year. It is an extremely helpful tool, especially early on in weight loss, but once I got down to a few pounds from a goal weight I had set it started to get overwhelming. I now keep it as a reality check when I am slipping and need to get back on track. Like the eats though! :]

  • crystal

    51g protein in a chicken souvlaki skewer? Please tell me how and I swear I’ll eat it every day! And jeez I wish I could make myself like Greek yogurt.

    • hank

      35 in the kabob
      4 in muhammara
      1 in cucumber salad
      5.5 in pita

      Should have read 45.5, I was cutting and pasting and didn’t change something… 🙂

  • I like this idea! I have also been thinking about maybe adding a few recipes to my blog – or at least include links to the recipes I have been trying. I’m going mostly vegan so it has been a challenge! Keep up the good work – you inspire us all!

  • Michelene Cleary
    Twitter: michelenecleary

    I track all my food on Sparkpeople.com and follow the Clean Eating diet. One thing I’ve changed is going to plain Greek Yogurt and adding my own fruit and a sugar substitute. I think that Chobani flavored one has between 16-19 grams of sugar. Making your own flavor gets rid of a chunk of sugar in your day’s worth of calories.

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