Week 77 – A Race to the Fitness

So it has now been 77 weeks since I told my fat self that I was ready to unleash my fit self. It has been 77 weeks since my fat self relented and accepted the fact that sedentary was no longer going to be the lifestyle I would lead.

What have I accomplished in that time you ask? Some days it feels like nothing. Especially the days when I am having whiny-emo woe-is-me flabby belly days. Which, as a male, I feel I should not have as often as I actually do. What’s a brother gonna do?

I mean, seriously, I have lost over 100 pounds, I ran my first 5k, ran my first triathlon, I’ve overcome (or am overcoming) obesity, and I can now buy pants off the rack for the first time since high school. I still need to overcome this stupid head game about how none of it is good enough and I might as well quit. It is tough, and I bet that I am not the only one out there dealing with it.

But let me tell you how YOU guys help me get past that. It happens when I, on a whim, post things like this picture that I posted on Instagram earlier this week…

The response that I received from that picture reminded me of why I hang in there every week. Why I try and eat clean. Why I run, spin, lift, swim.

I have accomplished GREAT things in the past 77 weeks. And guess what. I know that some of you guys out there reading are still struggling to even get started. But let me tell you…

Now is a great time to get started.

Wouldn’t it be great, in 77 more weeks, for YOU to look back and say, “Wow. I have accomplished some crazy things…”

You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.
I want you to do it. YOU want you to do it.

In other news, I am running across another bridge tomorrow. Who knew that this journey to lose weight would actually become a race to become fit. Or is it that I am getting fit as a by product of losing weight and now I’m able to race? Regardless…I am running the James Island Connector 10k in the morning and I am pretty excited. I will give a recap of that on Sunday or Monday so stay tuned.

Also, it is Movember and I am going to be cultivating quite a killer ‘stache over the next few weeks, so make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with the facial hair hijinks.

Peace, Love, Recycle.


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