After Workout Protein

I have had a handful of people ask me if I do any sort of protein shakes or anything supplemental after working out.

The simple answer is yes.

Now let me tell you all about it.

I was turned onto a product called Orgain by my friend Amanda Roush.  She is the one who has trained Biggest Loser contestants (Remember old guy Jerry? Yeah, give Amanda some credit for that!).  She told me that the body NEEDS protein after working out to help repair and grow muscles. She told me that Orgain was the best product she had come across for both encouraging muscle growth while still helping weight loss (Amanda feel free to weigh in here if you want).

Orgain is one of those products that if you don’t know about it then you might not even give it any notice among all of the protein shakes and whey supplements and this and that and what not.  The thing that made Orgain stand out to me is the, besides the endorsement of someone with credentials, is that it is all natural and all organic.  There are a lot of products out there that claim they are all natural and organic, but this one seems to have the street cred. Since I am determined to put the best foods into my body, this fact was highly important to me.

I could give you all of the sales info about the product like the fact that it was developed by a cancer-survivor doctor and that is is the perfect 2:1 complex carbohydrate to protein ratio , or you can just read about it on their website.

I am more interested in telling you how I am using it.  I guess “officially” it is a meal replacement drink that is designed to be a supplemental meal. All that really means though is that it is packed with enough goodness to be able to replace a meal if you so chose. However it is also packed with the goodness that helps the body heal, recover, and energize.  Especially after heavy resistance exercise like weight lifting.

After working out your body needs antioxidants like those found in fruits and vegetables to fight free radicals that your body produces during strenuous exercise.  Your body also needs protein after a workout because during a heavy resistance exercise your muscles are being broken down and protein is what helps them recover and, in turn, strengthen. Orgain has both. 16 grams of protein per 11 oz and enough antioxidants to make those free radicals go running.

By the way: IT TASTES AWESOME! Both the chocolate and vanilla…

Some people are going to complain about the fact that an 11oz serving has 255 calories.  For those who are ONLY concerned with calories I may never be able to convince them that it is more than just numbers.  I liken it to the fact that 200 calories of Dorito’s is going to effect your body differently than 200 calories of fruits and veggies.  If you take a look at the entire nutritional profile you will realize that the calories are the KINDS of calories you want inside of you.  Also people might get all antsy about 13 grams of sugars, but realize that these are NOT high fructose corn syrup sugars or some other junk. These are the sugars that are easily converted into energy instead of fat (do some research folks, it will be good for you – educate yourself to success). Well all I can say to the nay-sayers is, I have lost 58 pounds in 17 weeks and I drink Orgain at least 3 to 4 times a week.

So anyway, Orgain is not paying me to say this stuff (although they did send me some product – but that hardly counts because I would have written this regardless). I am saying it because I believe it.

My name is Hank Hanna and I try never to speak directly to people, but I have been drinking this Orgain and it is damn good. You should buy it. You should know that my recommendation is essentially a guarantee. Drink this…now.

4 comments to After Workout Protein

  • Jo Anna

    Does it taste good, and if yes, where do you buy it?

    • hank

      How could I forget! I have updated the post to say it TASTES GREAT!!! Both flavors. I get it at whole foods but I think you can order bulk from Amazon.

  • Jo Anna

    I think it is pretty profound that you didn’t initially mention taste. You were describing a fuel after an awesome workout, not something just to stuff your face with. It is just another bit of proof that you have really changed your thinking and are not just on a diet. Having said that, I hate nasty protein shakes, so I am glad it is yummy!

  • your wife

    Ron Swanson wants you to eat beef burgers. And all the bacon and eggs. Not just lots. All of them.

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