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So I told you guys that I had made some changes recently. I would love to think that you read that post, but I am also pretty sure that I only write in order to see myself talk. That sounds weird. Hear myself talk? Only if I read it aloud. Whatever… So one of the biggest changes was parting ways with my triathlon coach.

I have to tell you that parting ways with my previous coach was very hard for me.  I am very typically the kind of person that has no problem making a decision and then executing the means to make that decision happen, most times regardless of other people’s feelings. I am sort of like Gary Busey in that I am just gonna tell you like it is whether you think it makes sense or not.


The situation with my former coach was different though. It was just a tough decision to make and I battled over whether or not to part ways. Regardless, in the end I did and it will ultimately be to my benefit because of this…

Meet my new coach. Her name is Anne Moore and she creates athletes.


Anne specializes in coaching endurance athletes and uses a holistic approach to fueling the body for health, wellness, and performance. (Sounds like my kind of hippy jargon! Looks like Anne and I are going to get along great.) She has more credentials than Joe Friday and can probably tell you more about nutrition than your doctor. Here is the funny thing, you may not realize that Anne and I have some history… Remember when I did those fitness tests a while ago? Like the VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate? Yeah, well Anne was actually the one who did those tests the first time. Love when things come full circle.

Anne will be preparing me in the triathlon off-season for the Charleston Half-Marathon in January and then for the 2014 triathlon season. I am looking forward to the progress that I know will come.


You can learn more about Anne at her website Anne Moore Endurance Coaching.

It would seem that I need to purchase some nice sunglasses on the grounds that my future seems bright.

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