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You guys remember last year when I had those metabolic tests done? You know…the resting metabolic rate test, the VO2 max test, and the body composition test.

Well I had new RMR and VO2 max tests done last week.  Interesting results ensued. And a common theme reared its interesting, yet ugly head.

First off, my aerobic and anaerobic threshold increased dramatically. My Aet went from 104 to 130 and my AT went from 124 to 140. Without getting all sports geeky on you that basically means that my heart has gotten stronger. It also means that my effective use of oxygen has increased. It’s a good thing.


Also, in case anyone doubts the number of calories that I burn during a workout (for those following on my social networks and see the pics I post…) here is an interesting bit of info… My metabolism is above normal. Yay.


My RMR did increase by about 142 calories from 3671 to 3813. Not that significant of a change apparently. But guess what, and this is where that ugly weirdness comes in.  Kyle (think KettleHell …Yes, he is the man when it comes to metabolic tests too) reiterated a sentiment that I have heard but not held fast to.

I am not eating enough based on my RMR and the exercise expenditure that I have on a daily basis. My body needs more fuel to function. Crazy.


So he wants me eating 3000 calories a day. Clean calories. High octane fuel.

That seems like a crazy amount of food to me right now. But I am in training mode and if I don’t keep the fuel in the tank then I will just die on the side of the road.

So I am thinking I will be eating a lot of salmon, avocados, almond butter and maple syrup, and tons of nuts and berries over the next several weeks.  I sound like a bear.


What do you guys think about this?

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  • Interesting. But it makes sense though. Have you noticed that some days your training is harder depending on how you are fueling?

  • Back when I was my very fittest in college, right before preseason at Clemson, I was running 5 minute miles, repping 135 on the bench 45x’s, etc etc…(IOW I was very fit). When I went into preseason, where we had three a days for a total of 8 hrs/day, I crashed. I completely bombed out. I ended up in the hospital. I thought, all that hard work was for nothing. Diagnosis at the hospital…not taking in enough calories. I increased calorie intake by about 1000 / day and never looked back. I also lost another 15 lbs. Energy was thru the roof.

  • Allison

    Intuitively, it seems like there’s no way anyone could lose weight by eating 3000 calories! BUT you had scientific tests done and I would totally believe those numbers! Eating more will let your body know it’s not starving, and that it’s okay to let go of some of the remaining weight. Enjoy 3000… my 61 yr old, 4 ft 11 in, mom needs (I think) 1200 calories to maintain her weight!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List
    Twitter: lindsays_list

    I love it!!! Eating, that is! Go for it!

  • Deetz aka the wee wifey

    You are a bear!

  • Jess of Team Awesome
    Twitter: _J2

    I really want to get these tests done as well. I think it makes total sense. Yes, it’s a lot of calories but your workout burns are always very high. It makes sense to me that you could be under fueling & that’s the deal with the plateau. Plus you’re eating just got science’d! Can’t argue with that!

  • Steve Grabe

    Really awesome news. It is nice to see data support your hard work and improvement.

  • Alison

    Where did you get this done? I am on my journey to do my first sprint tri at James Island County Park, and terrified!! I am not in the greatest of shape and overweight. It would be awesome to have a starting point.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • TooBIG
    Twitter: TooBIG

    Hey man can you point me int he right direction of where I might be able to find this in my area? f at least what to search for online. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I think back when I seen you do it the first time.

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