Week 57 – Burning Bridges

So as you guys know, I am taking some time off from doing weigh ins. For the next several weeks I will be writing my Thursday posts as Stock Reports.  This IS the Business of Losing Weight, right?

This has been an interesting week.  Last week I took the entire week off from any sort of exercise as I try and recover from a heinous rib issue.  I am not entirely recovered. I am not even 100% sure what is wrong. All I know is that nothing is broken and I don’t have a blood clot. I guess that is good news right?

I hit the Kettle Hell class on Monday and it all but killed me all over again. My ribs were still very tender, but not half as bad as they had been. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a lovely walk in the park with an ice cream and your best gal and 10 being me water boarded by Hitler while Nickleback played in the background, I would say it was a 7. I will let you make the analogy. Post it in the comments below if you have the stones.

I did NOT do the class on Wednesday this week, but I plan to do it tomorrow. I am also doing a spin class tomorrow. And I am going surfing. And it is my little girl’s birthday. I should sleep well tomorrow night. If not there is always the drugs… (I don’t think melatonin is ACTUALLY a drug. But then again I don;t think pot is a drug either. But I digress…)

I ran the Cooper River Bridge twice this week. That is once more per week than any other time in my life. A 100% improvement. Boom shaka laka! I have actually come to enjoy that run as a part of my weekly fitness routine. It is a tough run but sitting down afterwards is one of the best feelings I know. If Euphora could be synthesized it would, well it would probably be heroin (from what I hear…which I DO think is a drug BTW), but the feeling of finishing a long, intense run is in the euphoric spectrum.

Here is what it looked like today. Be ready to want to drop what you are doing and move to Charleston.

It was a really nice day. And as always (and no I am not getting paid for this…yet…Feel free to contact me in order to arrange my exclusive endorsement…) these were my friends on the bridge…

My Brooks Ravenna 2’s. The shoe that made me realize that running did not have to hurt. And…

My loverly hydration facilitation device, the Camelbak. I seriously love this thing more than my dog. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration. But I TOTALLY love it more than I love your dog.

Here is what a run over the bridge with me looks like on the calorie grill (the device in which I incinerate calories.)…

You can Chris Tucker that if you want. (<—click)

I start my official sprint triathlon training on Monday. I am doing a triathlon because sucking at one sport just isn’t enough (thanks Greg Shore!) I love your smiles. Peace and chicken grease.

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