2013 Langley Pond Sprint Triathlon


I have realized in the past couple of days that my blog has moved from an inspiring weight loss blog to a triathlon race recap blog.  I promise that I am working on some good content that IS NOT a recap of my last

Charleston Sprint Triathlon Race #4 – 2013


As I said earlier, the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series race number 4 on July, 29 2012 was my first triathlon. I remember crossing the finish line in that race and thinking that I might never walk again…

Fast forward to this year.  I wasn’t

Triathlon Anniversary


Hello Shareholders.

I come to you with the news that life in my house is slowly settling into the newborn routine.  If you are a loyal reader, which might be tough considering I haven’t posted consistently in a while, then you will know that

Greenwood Olympic Triathlon 2013



This was the toughest race I have had to date. YES, that is correct. Tougher than my first half ironman.  I think that all of the training and mental prep for the Try Charleston 70.3 on top of the fact that is was

Fourth Race of the Year


So now that I am fully committed to racing the South Carolina Triathlon Series, the next race in the series also happens to be the next race I am doing.

It is the Greenwood Triathlon in Greenwood SC and it is going to

Clemson Triathlon 2013


Do you guys enjoy reading these race recaps? I write them mainly so that I will be able to go back and remember the race details later, but I am just not sure if others really like them.  Leave me a comment below letting

Where Do I Go From Here?


Well.  I completed the most challenging physical feat of my new life.  I finished a 70.3 triathlon. I trained for 16 weeks.  You guys followed me. You know what I did to get there.  I toiled and I drudged. I trained and I trained.

2013 Try Charleston 70.3


I will go ahead and warn you that this might very well be the longest post I have ever made. I thought about breaking it up into two posts, but what the hey. This is the crowning achievement of my active life. I want



You guys remember when I used to be funny? Oh. Well never mind then.

This was going to start out as a funny post about me writing a blog post about a dream I had about me writing a blog post about a dream. But

Two Weeks Until Try Charleston 70.3


Oh you guys…

I have two weeks until the Try Charleston 70.3 triathlon.  I have a flood of emotions storming through me.  Nervous. Excited. Scared. Thrilled. Am I ready? What if I can’t do it? Why did I sign up for this? Oh

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