Color Me Rad Charleston 2013


You guys know how passionate I am about raising my children with the advantage of knowing how to be healthy.  I have written posts about how I do not want my kids to be obese children and how I want my kids to be

Parris Island Sprint Triathlon 2013


So how about a recap of the 2013 Parris Island Sprint Triathlon? Very well then.

Allow me to start by saying that I went down to Parris Island by myself and did not have anyone to take any pictures for me so I don’t

Semper Fi Tri


So im doing the Parris Island Sprint triathlon tomorrow… (Saturday March 16 for those who don’t wait impatiently by the internet, longing to absorb my every word).

It will be interesting to see what kind of improvement I make over my first triathlon.


How To Triathlon


So this is what you guys have been waiting for right? If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you might not have heard the results…

As you guys know I have recently been training for a triathlon (you can click on

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How to Map My Run


It is funny to think that there was a time, not to distant in the past, where I wanted to give up on running. When I decided that I wanted to lose weight, I really had no idea that it would turn into a

Week 61 – Sprint Triathlon


My hiatus from the scale continues. I will not be weighing myself until after this triathlon coming up. As you all know, I still have at least 30 more pounds to lose but I don’t want to be bothered by the mental stress

Sit On This and Spin


So this past Friday I had, what I refer to as, a what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-trying-to-do-all-of-this-in-one-day kind of days.

I woke up and was at the beach by 6:45. Olive Oyl has more bumps than the ocean did. Hmmm. In my head that seemed like a

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Do It In A Group


It is so much more fun with you do it with a group of people.

Exercise that is.

Raise your hand if the thought of exercising with a group of people that you don’t know scares the uric acid out of

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Kettlebells from Hell


I said I wouldn’t mention the weight plateau for a while but I need to make a reference to it for just a second.

I have decided to change some stuff up in my exercise routine to see if I can break through the

Mmmm. Doughnuts.



Hey guys. Remember me?

As most of you know by now, I was in Portland OR all last week. I did not set up any guest posts or anything like that so some of you might have thought I fell

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