A Game of Boats


You guys who know me may know that I love being on the water.  I have a passion for boating, fishing, surfing, or whatever gets me out on the water. Canoeing and kayaking are one of my most favorite activities even though for the past several

Run, Push, Plank, Repeat


Today is Sunday.

I try not to workout on Sunday’s…Sabbath and all. But Sometimes I skip Friday which leaves me no other choice if I am going to hit my six workouts a week.  I think God is ok with it.

So today I

Yoga is For Losers


I am a loser. A weight loser.  I tried yoga for the first time this past Saturday.

I told my wife that I wanted to give it a shot with her and she was all about it. I must admit that I thought it

On Top of the World


Yesterday morning a friend of mine and I walked the Cooper River Bridge here in Charleston.  For those of you who are locals you will know what this is all about.  For my readers from off, sit a spell, and I shall weave a tapestry of

Weight For Me


I am not really a fan of the gym.  As a matter of fact I have this really weird irrational fear of the gym.  Well, it is more a fear of the people who go there. I have always been afraid that if I

Rode My Bike To Work Today


It was a cool day in Charleston so I rode my bike to work today.  It really isn’t all that far, but it is a calorie burner non-the-less. According to Google Earth it is approximately 1.1 miles. According to some calculations I ran through

Running on the Treadmill


My current workout routine consists solely of pounding the rotating rubber.  I am doing this 4 to 5 times per week.

I am a big guy so I cannot run for 30 minutes straight right now. I will get to that point but,

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