Cha cha cha cha changes…

So the triathlon season is over for me and I am thinking that maybe, just maybe I will have some more time to devote to writing . But then again, it is now running season right?


So there are a couple of changes that I would like to take a minute to tell you about so that when I say something later or post something on my Facebook page or Instagram, you will not be surprised. A couple of these changes were hard to make, but they were necessary none-the-less. With out any further achoo…

1. I am no longer a Polar HRM Ambassador
So I resigned from the Polar HRM Ambassador position a few weeks ago.  I want to be clear that it is NOT because of any change in my attitude towards them. I attribute so much of my success in losing weight to their heart rate monitors.  They are a great company and I have loved being a part of their team.  The conflict arose about a week before the North Myrtle Beach Sprint Triathlon. I own a Polar RCX5 GPS that I have enjoyed using up until a point.  I have always had issues with that watch picking up satellites and holding them while I was running and on several occasions I lost all distance and pace data for a run.  I didn’t really care when I was only training by heart rate, but as I became more focused on getting better at running, I needed more accurate data. Enter the Garmin 910xt. It is THE watch for triathlon. I got one. It is awesome. It has not failed. I love it. I knew that even though I still love Polar heart rate monitors, I would not feel right being an ambassador for Polar while using a competing brand during races. That being said I will tell anyone who will listen that Polar may not have the lock on satellite technology, it surpasses all in the department of heart rate monitoring and tracking.

2. I am no longer working with Coach Ian for training
This one was very tough for me. Ian has been the only triathlon coach I have ever had and he trained me through my entire first season. I exceeded not only his expectations of me this year, but through him I also exceeded my own expectations. Ian moved to New Zealand about two weeks ago. He told me about a month before he was moving. At first I didn’t see this being an issue because he set my schedule, but I was not working with him one on one. The more I thought about it though, the more I decided that I wanted my coach to be here. I wanted immediate access to my coach and I wanted to up my game and do some more personal sessions to sus out my weaknesses and improve efficiency and technique.  I think Ian was a great coach for me, but I think this change was necessary as well.  I hope the best for him as he embarks on some new adventures abroad.  I will be posting more about my coaching direction in the very near future.

3. I have started tracking my food again
I had an incredible year as far as athletics and fitness go. I almost came in third in my division in the SC Triathlon Series in my first year racing.  All of the guys that I was competing against weigh between 225 and 235.  I weigh 260 right now.  If I want to get better, stronger, faster, whatever… I am going to have to lose more weight. That is all there is to it.  And with that said, I will also be posting weekly weigh ins again. It worked to lose the first 100 pounds. It will work to lose 30 more. Here is my weigh-in pic from Friday morning. This will be the new starting point.


4. I have HUGE PLANS for 2014
I plan to do some crazy stuff in 2014. I do not know ALL of the crazy stuff that I am going to do, but I know it is going to be wild and you guys will get to go along for the ride. Here is what I DO KNOW at this point.  I am going to be running the Charleston Half Marathon in January and I start training for that next week.  I also will be racing the Ironman 70.3 Florida triathlon in Haines City, Florida in April. That will be the first of TWO 70.3 races that I will be doing next year.  I am planning to also race the Ironman 70.3 Miami in November of next year. I will also be racing the SC Triathlon Series as well. Those are the big RACE things that I do know about and I plan on doing them at the lowest weight I have been since recorded history of my weight. I am guessing that I will also get into a few other crazy things in 2014, so make sure to stay tuned.  Are you subscribed to the blog? Well you should be…


So there it is folks.  What do you think?  Leave a comment telling me what crazy adventure you think I should get into in 2014.

Until the morrow, I leave you be…


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