Challenges: Dragon Ass

  “You don’t want to wake the Dragon do you?” – Viserys Targaryen

Sorry for the vernacular, but where I come from “dragging ass” is what it is called when you feel like you don’t want to get out of bed, or put on your clothes, or leave the house. It is usually a symptom of lack of sleep, or illness, or hangover.

I am not sure why, but I was dragging ass this morning.  I didn’t drink last night so it couldn’t be that. It might very well be a combination of going to bed too late, waking up too early, and having a little case of the sniffles. Regardless, I did not want to get out of bed. But I did. And I surely did not want to go to the gym. But I did.

This is probably one of my biggest challenges in my quest to discover better health and fitness. Dragon Ass. It is probably one of YOUR biggest challenges as well.

It is very easy to wake up and think, “Meh. I will work out later…,” only for later to come around and me still not feel motivated. Or something else happens that doesn’t allow me time to work out. Or the kids demand my attention, or the wife. Or whatever it might be. If I don’t take the opportunity to activate when the opportunity presents itself, then I may not get a chance that day.  That happened a few days last week. It sucks because it is so easy to keep putting it off for a few minutes, a few hours, the rest of the day, the rest of the week. Ugh. That is a path to failure for sure.

So this morning I awoke the Dragon.  That is to say I woke up dragging. What to do? Tuesday is a gym day for me. But I could really use a few more minutes or hours of sleep…. I got out of bed reluctantly and put on my gym clothes. Then I got the Boy King (my son) dressed and took him over to the grandparents house for the morning. I left there thinking, “I will go light today. I just don’t feel like putting in a hard workout.” The Dragon was still holding me back. I got to the gym and walked into the locker room still thinking that I would take it easy. But something in the back of my head was nudging me to break free from the Dragon’s grip.

So I did what any fitness brute would do. I took steroids.  I called for the Direwolf. I awoke the Beast. I knew that it was the only way to overcome the Dragon.

I decided that I WOULD NOT take it easy. My apathy this morning was a (ned) stark reminder that it is too easy to get lazy. And with winter coming, I cannot afford to be lazy. So I awoke the Beast and the Beast led me to an hour long workout and a 894 calorie crush.

 I hit the treadmill intervals. I hit the low down squats. I hit the pull ups. I hit the crunches. I hit the chest presses. And then I did it all over and over again. I sweated like a wild-man. I killed it. And now I am sore to boot. It felt great too. The apathy that was welling up inside of me was dashed against my rock hard determination. I walked into the gym hanging my head. I walked out with my head up, feeling like I could conquer the World.


So that is what must be done if you wake the Dragon. You MUST counter it. You must call upon the Beast! If you don’t you are only hurting yourself and your quest to reach fitness and good health. It is not always easy to awaken the Beast, but once you do, the Dragon will fizzle out.




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