Charleston County Parks iSUP

So apparently someone at the Charleston County Parks and Rec Department thinks I’m neato.

Lord please let it be Ron Swanson…Please let it be Ron Swanson…


So I just found out that Ron Swanson doesn’t work at Charleston County Parks and Rec. Bummer.

But Allison Foster does and she is in charge of fitness and wellness programs there. About a week ago she asked me if I would be interested in checking out the new iSUP Fitness class they have started over at James Island County Park. You guys know me. I’m pretty much up for checking out anything.

So this past Friday I jumped on the opportunity to jump on a stand up paddle board and hoped that I wouldn’t have to do jumping jacks.

If you guys have read either the account of my first triathlon or the anniversary of my first triathlon then you will at least have heard of James Island County Park. And if you haven’t heard of it, then you must be the type of reader that glances over things but doesn’t retain the meat and potatoes. But I divagate…

So I arrived on site and met Mary Ann Stisher, the instructor.  She was awesome and very excited to learn about my journey and tell me about the class. Then Allison and the rest of the days participants got there. We jumped on the boards and headed out to the middle of the lake.


Now I have never done any official Barre or Pilates class but you guys know that I have tried yoga and I used to be a regular in the KettleHell class before I got into training for triathlons. And I standup paddle board on a regular basis as well. So when I read the description of the class I figured I could handle it.

Here is the official description by the way…

iSUP,(the i is for interval), uses intervals of Barre, Pilates, and yoga to build core stability, develop upper body strength, and lift and tone the lower body.

There is that word in there that I forgot about…interval.

We started the class the way I am used to starting this type of class. Squats.


Squats are not really a problem for me. That is to say, squats on land. Squats on a paddle board are a horse-of-a-different-color. Finding the right foot width to be able to do a proper squat and NOT end up in the drink makes SUP squats crazy tough.

After some warming up we moved into a few different interval sets including, but not limited to,
mountain climbers,
Russian twists and crunches,
things where you lie on your back and lift your butt off the board with a ball between your knees,
and the often-dreaded, horrible things known by Satan and his evil minions as Burpees.

Yes burpees on a paddle board.

iSUP-2 iSUP-3 iSUP-4 iSUP-5

I don’t have any pictures of us doing burpees mainly because I have heard that if you see a picture of someone doing burpees then you will perish in the most horrible way you can imagine. I am almost postive that Dante’s 11th level of Hades is the one in which you do burpees for eternity…

So the hour passed rather quickly and I really enjoyed being out on the water on a beautiful day with fun people in a group exercise class. I stayed dry in the sense that I did not fall in the water, yet I sweated like a redneck in a spelling bee.

As we paddled back to the landing I thought to myself that it was awesome to live in an area where we had access to such fun ways to exercise.

If you have never tried paddle boarding then I suggest you drop whatever it is you are currently doing and go try it right this minute. And what better way to increase your balance, core strength, flexibility and humility than to do it outside, on the water, on a paddle board! If you are interested in the Charleston County Parks iSUP class then click over here to learn more.

One last thing… I know that this class was an effective fitness class for me considering I was sore in places that I didn’t know I could get sore for two days after it. Who knew I even had an obliques!

Peace, love, paddle…




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