Chicken Tacos on the Road

Why would you eat tacos that have been on the road? Eeewwww.

I think that it is so much easier to plan your meals for the week and go shopping and then come home and cook it up and all that jazz, but let’s be real… Not everyone has the time nor does everyone have the opportunity eat that way. Granted, it IS the best way to control your intake and how many calories you consume. And we all know that counting calories is really the only way to lose weight effectively.

So what do you do if you travel a lot? Or what do you do if you JUST NEED to eat out?

I say do your research.

I have done a lot of research on the restaurants around me so that I know where the best places are to go and stay within my calorie restrictions. Also, even though I would prefer supporting local places, a lot of the big chain places have nutritional info on their websites.

I plan to give several examples of this over the next few weeks (or years if you are lucky.)

Qdoba offers its patrons a delicious plethora of options. Not all of them are good for those trying to lose weight though. Stay away from cheese dip!!!! Stay! Away! From! Cheese! Dip!  With a little forethought, however, you my friend, can walk away knowing that you made the right choice.  Here is a link to the Qdoba nutrition information. And here is what I get there…

Qdoba Chicken Tacos

Go for the three grilled chicken tacos. If you get them with ONLY lettuce and cilantro and with crunchy shells you are only going to consume 360 calories.  I always get a side of guacamole as well. It bumps the cals up to 495, but gauc is soooo good. And if you read up on it, it is good for you too. Suck it fat haters!

Some of you will probably jump on me about the sodium and or carbs or some other something another. I say, “Fool you, you fuzzy nerd!” I am not worried about it. This is an option for if you find yourself out and about and need a healthy option. This IS a healthy option. It isn’t vegan or paleo though so I have probably just turned off half of my audience…

Do some research folks. Stop walking into an establishment unprepared. You think Perry Mason would have walked into a courtroom without knowing exactly what he was going to order to stay within his calorie restriction? What? Oh, yeah. You know what I mean.

What is your favorite low calorie meal out? Seriously, I need some more ideas too…


4 comments to Chicken Tacos on the Road

  • Erin
    Twitter: running_tall

    I don’t know if you guys have it in the states but in Canada we have a chain callecd Extreme Pita. Always my go-to meal when I’m out. I typically get grilled chicken on a whole wheat pita and load on the veggies. They grill your choice of onions, mushrooms and/or green peppers with your meat so it’s super delicious. And now I’m hungry and craving a pita at 9:30am. Thanks.

  • Molly Nitka
    Twitter: MollyMFNitka

    I like subway a lot!

  • Amber Hanna Forbes

    YUM!!! Those look tasty!!! I have to say though, Will and I are very lucky b/c I have the time to plan our meals accordingly each week. I use my coupons and to see what is on sale, and I plan our meals around that. Not only are we saving calories, but we are saving money as well! It has really opened our eyes and it is now blatantly obvious to us that we don’t have to starve ourselves or eat tasteless steamed chicken & veggies all week. We can actually eat real, healthy meals as long as we control the portion sizes! I weigh out EVERYTHING nowadays. It’s helped a lot too! Will has lost 12lbs already and I’ve lost 4!

  • Tara Burner
    Twitter: taraburner

    I dont have a low cal meal out cuz I very seldom eat out

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