Chobani and Gingerzing

I have already posted one blog about a Good Eats Breakfast when I wrote about the Whitey Omelette. I am seemingly obsessed with breakfast. And for a good reason. It is the most important meal of the day right?

As I was writing this post I actually realized that I had already talked about the Chobani and Gingerzing granola combination, but d@mnit, I love it so much, I want to mention it again.

Chobani and Gingerzing granola (from Whole Foods) go!

Check it out. That is the new Blood Orange Chobani there.  That is the goods folks. Mix it up real nice.

Add a banana to round this meal off and you will be satiated until your next meal for sure…

Dig it, with the banana this meal will cost you around 370 calories. That is a great start to your day.

What is your favorite healthy breakfast? 



8 comments to Chobani and Gingerzing

  • Whitney
    Twitter: ForestersFight

    Currently enjoying Ezekiel Bread (sesame) toasted, and I’ve been trying out Hungry Girl’s billion different versions of an Egg Mug (egg white omelettes cooked in a coffee mug via microwave). Yummy!

  • Lindsay @ Chobani
    Twitter: chobani

    YUM! That combo sounds so delicious, no shame in plugging it twice! And, with a flavor so tasty as our new Blood Orange, nonetheless. Thanks for making us a party of your nutritious breakfasts, and please do feel free to email me if you ever need a fresh supply of CHO!

    • hank

      You know it Lindsay! I scheduled this post last night so I didn’t get to mention that I tried the passion fruit Chobani this morning. That is the diggity as well. You will be seeing an email from me soon! 🙂

  • Molly Nitka
    Twitter: MollyMFNitka

    oatmeal with cinnamon and greek yogurt.

  • Deetz

    The blood orange was good, but I like the new apple cinnamon Chobani the best. Also, for some reason I have only just discovered the pineapple and I LOVE it. I might have to make a dedicated “Deetz’s pineapple and apple cinnamon Chobani” section of the refrigerator.

  • Trey

    Good call Hank – I admit I thought this looked a little weird, but I decided to give it a try last night (well, different flavors, but still Greek yogurt and granola) and it was very good. I think this will be a new breakfast staple for me.

  • kaysi

    I LOVE Chobani!! That is my breakfast almost every day!! =)

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