Color Me Rad Charleston 2013

You guys know how passionate I am about raising my children with the advantage of knowing how to be healthy.  I have written posts about how I do not want my kids to be obese children and how I want my kids to be healthy and active.  This is an advantage that I feel I did not have growing up. So here is a fun story about being active WITH my kids…


My wife and I signed up for the Color Me Rad 5k race here in Charleston as soon as we heard about it.  She had just recently finished her first 5k and I was stoked to have another race to run with her. Do you know about the Color Me Rad race?  It is a untimed, maybe 5k (maybe less…) race that has a very interesting component. Through out the race you are pelted with handfuls (and sprayerfuls) of colored powder and liquid. If you have ever seen images or footage of India’s Holi Festival, you get the [very colorful] picture.


Not too long after signing up for the race did we find out that we were with child. At the time there was no thought about how the wifey would be feeling come race day.

Well this past week she decided that she was NOT up for the race. Dealing with a Beast-man child growing inside of you places demands that even the toughest of lady she-ra’s have trouble with. If the wife were a lessor female, then my progeny would most likely have already consumed her energy core and left her lying on the floor, a crumbled mess of humanity. Good thing she is a wonder woman.

Regardless, nausea and fatigue had taken their toll. Myself thought to itself that, seeing as how the entry was already purchased, it would be a great opportunity for me to take my little girl to her first race.  She has been asking me to take her running for a while now, but I wasn’t sure she was ACTUALLY ready.  This would be the perfect race to get her out because it was not competitive. I showed her a video on YouTube about the event and asked her if she wanted to do it with me.

She lit up like a poorly ventilated meth lab. (bad analogy?)
She said, and I quote, “Daddy that looks awesome!” End quote.

I was super excited about doing this with her all week. We got to the event early (as usual) and got all of our stuff ready and got corraled into the starting gate. She was all smiles the whole time. And when the countdown hit zero and the crowd starting moving forward, she squeeled like, well, like a little girl.

She ran almost the entire way, which was incredible. She also wanted to hold my hand through most of the race…


Seriously cute. I know, right?

We did have to take a few slow down breaks and a couple of walking breaks for her, but she really put forth the effort to stay moving. It made me very proud. She also told me that she would love to do that race again AND maybe even a “real” one. How awesome.

That is all the written recap I really feel is necessary.  Here is what you really came to see…

Here we are before the race. Look how nice and clean we look…


Here we are at the starting line with our friends the Morgans. G and I look like Flambo Banditos.


Check us rawkin through the color cloud. It was like a giant flower-fairy and a unicorn had been caught in a hurricane and every tumble they took into each other caused gushing heaps of polychromatic hue to burst forth from their wounds. Well this is what I imagine that would look like anyway.


Here is the aftermath. That poor unicorn never stood a chance as evidenced by its magical gore spattered across our clean white tees.G0050053

And how is this for an excited little girl who just ran her very first 5k? I would say she has been colored rad my friends.


If you get the chance to do one of these Holi Fest color run type of events, do it. And take your whole family. I don’t care if you are an elite marathoner, or you have trouble getting off of the couch, this “race” is for everyone.




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