Does Dieting Really Work?

Here I go talking like I know what I am talking about again. Allow me to disclaim the fact that I am not a nutrition, health or exercise expert. As a matter of fact, I am not an expert at anything. Please understand that I feel strongly about what I am about to say, but that doesn’t mean it is backed up with scientific data or facts of any kind.


This post is inspired by an email I got recently where someone told me that they were going to do a xx-day diet challenge and asked me what I thought. I want to qualify this post by saying that after discussing this issue with the person in question I feel that they have a firm grasp on their plans to go about losing weight. But it made me think about all the people who don’t quite get it.

This is NOT going to be some revolutionary idea that I will present, but I feel that it needs to be said from my perspective regardless.


It isn’t the science behind that dieting that doesn’t work though.  It is the thought process. A lot of people, (Warning: huge generalization ahead) who are obese and want to lose weight, think that they can go on a diet and lose weight but then return to their pre-diet eating habits once they have lost some weight.  They then start eating like they had before and proceed to gain every bit of weight back and sometimes even more. I can speak to this topic with confidence born from experience. Have you ever seen a reference to someone’s weight yo-yoing?


It took me forever and a day to realize that I could ABSOLUTELY lose weight by dieting. But that as soon as I “came off the diet” that I would, very quickly I might add, gain all of the weight back.

Dieting is totally a treatment of symptoms and NOT a treatment of the underlying cause.

If you decide to “go on a diet” then you might very well be setting yourself up for potential failure.  The ONLY way to lose weight and KEEP it off is to CHANGE YOUR DIET. Permanently. As in for the rest of your life.

“GOING on a diet” presumes that you will change the way you eat for a short period of time and that once you get to where you are “going” you will stop dieting. It makes sense by that logic that you will also change your weight for a short period of time.

CHANGING your diet presumes that you are doing something permanently. The effects of changing the way you eat will affect you by having lasting and permanent results.


It all comes down to perspective and mind set folks.  Set yourself up for long term success by making a healthy change to your diet. Do not expect a short term solution to have long term effects.

Your doubts about being able to do it are all mental and CAN be overcome. Your body craves real food with real nutrition. Not pretend food that is grown in labs with ingredients like Butylated Hydroxytoluene (also found in embalming fluid) or tertiary butylhyroquinone (which is pertrolium based…). Also your body DOES NOT crave as MUCH food as your head will tell you you need. Monitor how much you are eating by tracking your calories.

Eating smaller portions of healthy REAL food will change your life. And maybe it will even extend it.

This has been your friendly formerly-obese, now just-a-little-bese neighborhood blogger and resident A(hole) Type personality, doling out the goods and steppin on toes with a size 13 shoe.

Beast Face Out.





2 comments to Does Dieting Really Work?

  • Jay Baker

    Thanks for this post and your inspirational website. My 2 cents: I lost 160 pounds and currently weigh 5 more pounds than when I graduated high school. It took me 16 months. My “diet”? I counted calories. I do it every day. It’s sustainable. Want me to meet you at your favorite restaurant? Want beers after work? I’ll be there (with my annoyingly simple phone app), though I’ll be counting calories. So it might be the chicken with steamed veggies and “Ultra” beer, but I won’t be suffering on a “diet”. You won’t have to suffer through my “I only eat cabbage soup” regime that is destined to fail. Count your calories. Create a sensible game plan for yourself. Get off your couch (anyone can walk)and enjoy your health. Listen to the man…

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