Driver’s License Weight

I am posting this under the Stuff Fat People Do category, but I really think that everyone does this.

Did you lie about your weight on your driver license? Come on. Did you?

Sure you did. Everyone does. There is no scale at the DMV and they do not check. You can put whatever you want to in that little spot.

My wife asked me a little while ago, with no prompting, if I weighed less than my driver’s license said I did.  Wow! Did I? It was like some wild thought provoker! I couldn’t remember what I had put, so I ran and got my wallet to check.

When I first got my license I was 15 years old. Yehaw South Carolina! I have no idea what I weighed back then but I know that I lied on the paperwork. When I renewed my license several years later I know for a fact that I weighed more than the 250 that I put. It was just too easy.

I recently renewed my license again and I know without a doubt that I weighed between 320 and 340 pounds.  You know what I put on the paper work?

290 pounds.

Ha! I was trying to give myself something to work towards I guess.  I am not really sure why I put that.  To be honest, I was thinking I would put 275, because like I said, no one ever looks!

Well there it is.  My license reads 290 pounds. That is 40 or more pounds less than what I actually weighed. And here I am now, under my DL weight by 24 pounds or so.  What an awesome feeling.  I am now thinking about when I can go back to the DMV and update my weight again.

Should I put 220 pounds so that when I reach my goal I will already have it documented on my official government issued identification?

By how many pounds did you fabricate your driver’s license weight? What are you doing to close the gap?

7 comments to Driver’s License Weight

  • your wife

    My license says I weigh 20 more lbs than I actually weigh. Oh, snap.

  • Crystal

    I think I may have moved to NC specifically because they don’t practice the cruel torture of forcing people to state their weights on their driver’s licenses. In Ohio, I lied shamefully.

  • Funny you are talking about this today. Was writing a check at grocery store and clerk asked for id. I didn’t think much about it til she started literally gushing about how great I looked. I laughed and we looked at weight which was 70 pounds lower than I was when I was married and got new license. I am another 50 pounds lighter! I wonder if 8 should get an updated one our just wait til my goal?

  • Krissie J
    Twitter: phillynerdgirl

    They actually removed weight from our drivers’ licenses now which is fine by me, haha. I think mine said 137 the last time I had it on there, and I was that for a while but not there anymore!

  • Linda

    We don’t have our weight on our driver’s license. It’s totally ridiculous anyway. Why do they need your weight??? It’s something that changes all the time and totally unnecessary to be on a license. What a total nonsense.

  • Deb
    Twitter: debslosingit

    Mine says I weigh 160. That’s what I weighed 13 years ago when I first got it at age 17. I just renewed my license in January this year and weighed in at 220 at that time. Did I change it? Nope. But in my defense, even though I filled out all the changes on my paperwork, it took the woman helping me 4 times or printing out my temp license to get my new address entered into the system, so I wasn’t even going to mention my weight “issue”. Apparently literacy is not a requirement to work at DMV anymore.

  • autum

    Ha! I was 2 lbs. for 5 years and no one noticed and it wasn’t my fault the number was incorrect, thanks to the data entry people.

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