Fitbloggin FTW

I want to talk about my weekend at the Fitbloggin conference. I really don’t even know where to start.

I COULD start with gushing over all the incredible people that I met. So I will.

I think that even if there had not been ANY sessions to attend or ANY exercise demos or ANY thing like that, I still would have had a completely incredible time. I met some of my heroes, I met some of my admirers, I met some people who are fitness stars and I met some people who WILL be fitness stars one day. The best part is the EVERYONE I met was awesome and I know that I have forged some life long friendships.

If you are reading this and we connected, talked, interacted or otherwise shook hands or hugged this past weekend, please leave a comment below right now and tell everyone how awesome you are and how awesome the conference was!

I think one of the many highlights of the weekend was when Tara (@Tidbits_of_Tara) came up to me and said, “You know. Before I met you I wasn’t sure I was going to like you. But I do. You are awesome.”

Ha! How is that for in your face honesty! I love it.

That is not the only great thing that happened to me this weekend. I could spend the next week writing about it all, but I am sure that you don’t have a week to read them all.  So instead, here is a very short list of awesome that happened.

  • I went to the McCormick Spice head quarters and learned about making great tasting food while cutting loose the sugar and salt. “Yum” just doesn’t do it justice.
  • I did a Crossfit demo class that was sponsored by Reebok. And they gave me some sweet kicks to sport.
  • And I got to hang with Alan, who may very well be the most inspiring person on Earth.
  •  I tried Zumba for the first time. It was fun, but I have no coordination. I am not sure it is the fitness routine for me. But I am CONVINCED it is an incredible workout.
  • I went to sessions. I learned some stuff and things. I listened. I discussed.
  • I gave my own presentation. I think it ignited the crowd. I hope to get a copy and post it on YouTube. You hope I do to. I know.
  • Kelly Olexa bought me an iced coffee. And then told the entire conference that I was the sassiest guy in FitFluential. I think that was a compliment. I know it was the truth.
  • Lastly but by no means leastly, I went to the Aquarium with the Borucki Family. I really love these guys. They let me hang with their family while I was missing mine.

I think that conferences like this are incredible opportunities for people who are already blogging and into health and fitness AND they are great for those who are looking to get started. I am really looking forward to keeping in touch with the fun folks that I met and I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to Fitbloggin 2013.

Did I mention where Fitbloggin 13 is taking place? Oh. Only my favorite city in the world. That’s right…Portland, Oregon. Who is going to come see me out there?

There are lots and lots of awesome Fitbloggin Recaps on the conference website. Go read those posts if you want to know what other people had to say about it. It will not disappoint.


Props to Roni and the team that put on such a great conference. You guys know how to throw a party.

And mad shout out to those who inspired me, motivated me, talked to me, cared for me, congratulated me, hugged me, advised me, conversed with me, laughed with me, drank with me, sweated with me, and for those who sat by my fire to spin the flax-golden tales…

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