Fourth Race of the Year

So now that I am fully committed to racing the South Carolina Triathlon Series, the next race in the series also happens to be the next race I am doing.


It is the Greenwood Triathlon in Greenwood SC and it is going to be my first time racing the Olympic distance triathlon. That means 1500 meter swim, 24 mile bike, 10k run.

It feels so weird writing about triathlons now.  I never thought that this is where I would be at this point in my life.

For the longest time, I had pretty much given up hope that I would ever know what it was like to be in shape.  I just wanted to be able to buy pants off the rack. I actually thought that I would die a fat man.

I didn’t know that I had this hidden athlete under the layers of walrus that I was carrying. Well that isn’t exactly true.  I knew that he was there. Deep. Down. Inside. I just didn’t think that he would ever be released on Earth.

And now here I am chasing points in a triathlon series.

Crazy isn’t it?

I will win this race for you guys.  Your beauty will be reflected in the power of my arm, the flanks of my horse. And barring that, Sir Ulrich, I will just go out and do my best to show you that it IS possible to change your stars…

(if that last paragraph doesn’t make any sense to you, then watch more movies…)

Beast Face out.



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