Gearing Up For Triathlon

Did I tell you guys that I got a new bike? Oh. Sorry.

I got a new bike. Here she is…


She is a Trek Madone 3.1 from my loverly friends at the Trek Bicycle Store of Mount Pleasant.

I am having a contest to name her. Leave a comment below telling me what you think her name should be. The name that I deem to be worthy  of such a beautiful piece of modern ingenuity will be bestowed upon her like a crown. But also that is what I will refer to her as from now on.


So this is MY first road bike. I chose a road bike over a triathlon bike for several reasons, but the deciding factor was that I am not entirely sure what my triathlon career will be like after this race but having a road bike means easy rides with my friends as well good workouts and long rides. If I decide to make a career of triathlons then I will get a tri bike.  Make sense? Yeah well it doesn’t have to. This bike called my name from the rack and I knew upon seeing her that she would be my steed for the Try Charleston race.

This would be a great time to mention that Polar USA sent me a killer new bike computer as well.  I love being a Polar ambassador…


Let me tell you a funny story though. My noble destrier almost failed me upon my breaking her in.

On Sunday I decided to take her for our first ride together.  It was a bit chilly and overcast, but I just HAD to get a ride in.  I basically just rode around Daniel Island where I live.  There are very few opportunities to really open up on this little tiny island, but I found a few straight aways and tried to dig deep and get some speed up.  Problem is, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get over 19 mph. I just felt my legs spinning. I ran through my gears and just could not get anymore. I rode for 11 miles this way.

I thought something was wrong…And it was. Just not with the bike.

I called my buddy Jason and asked him what he thought. He said, without hesitation, “Sounds like you aren’t in the big ring.”

Um, what?

So apparently I am such a bike newb that I didn’t realize that there were not only gears on the back wheel, but there are usually two gears up front where the pedals are as well. The “Big Ring” and the “Small Ring.”

Ugh. I hate displaying my ignorance.


So I geared up to the big ring. When I rode on Thursday I felt like a new man. My new ride is sleek, fast, light, awesome, and most of all she is a beast that will carry me home.

I can’t wait to get some more road under her tires.


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