Going for Gold

I had said in my last post that I had some thoughts swirling in my noggin. I am here to put fingers to keyboard.

Let me first say this. I just watched a man who had no legs run a race (Oscar Pistorious in the 400 meter quarter-final) so YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE why you can’t be active.

Now that was sort of a spoiler to what the rest of this post is about. That is correct my young grasshoppers, it is about the Olympics.

I have ALWAYS loved watching  the Olympics. Some of my greatest childhood memories are of me, my mom and dad, and my sister, all gathering around the tube to watch them together. We would pop popcorn and get to stay up late. Several times I know that I fell asleep and my dad would have to carry me to bed. I remember watching Greg Louganis hit his head. I remember Dan Jansen falling down. I remember Dan Jansen falling down again. And I remember watching Dan Jansen finally get gold. I remember the original Dream Team. I remember the amazing Kari Strug vault.  I will never, ever forget these things and I will never forget the family bond that was created while watching them.

But here is the thing. My love for the Olympics has always really been sentimental. It is something that reminds me of my childhood and how much I love my family.

But this year things have been a little bit different.

I still love the Olympics because of the memories AND I have been hyper-emotional this year because MY KIDS are old enough to watch and enjoy them. That warms my heart like a new born kitten wrapped in bacon. But my interest in the Olympics has evolved.

The thing that has changed is my interest in the ACTUAL athletics involved.

Now that I am living a more healthy life and I am actually aware of fitness, I get totally excited to see people exemplifying fitness and athleticism. These people are the pinnacle of athleticism. I also have an interest in watching more of sports that I am competing in now. Where I would never have cared about the Olympic road cycling in the past, I watched almost the entire race this year. I have kept up with times in races and I have watched the swimming with a sharp eye so that I can learn from the styles of the best. It has been an entirely new experience for me.

I encourage those of you who are still struggling with getting started on your journey to health and fitness to watch every minute of the Olympics that you can. Find inspiration in the blood, sweat, and tears that these people have shed to get to where they are. And remember that if you can channel just a fraction of their motivation, it could change your life in ways that you cannot imagine.

Go for the gold.




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