Gonna Get Me Kilt

My wife told me to pose like this...

Losing weight is going to get me kilt.

Or at least it is going to mean that I get the ones I own taken in.

Yesterday was the 40th Annual Charleston Scottish Games.  I have been pretty much obsessed with my Scottish heritage since I was a wee lad and I try and go to the Charleston games every year.  I am also the owner of 5 kilts. There are some friends who may read this and say, “Sheesh, only five kilts Hank?” Yes, Jaime. Only five…

Well I had not really thought about my kilts since I started my weight loss adventure.   I used to wear kilts all the time.  And ALL of the kilts that I own were getting snug over the past few years.  To be honest, they were starting to split at the seams and I had not been wearing them because they didn’t really fit.

Well that is no longer the problem.  The NEW problem is that my kilts are TOO BIG.  I pulled all of the straps to the last belt hole and I sinched my belt down tight, and they are still slipping. Looks like I am going to have to call my friends at USA Kilts. Yes I am giving them a shout-out because they are my exclusive kilt maker and are the bomb-diggity.  If you want a kilt, call Rocky. He will hook you up.

Now here is another triumph that I am going to include in this post, well, because it is related. You see that thing on the front of my kilt over there in that picture of me? It is called a sporran, and for all practical purposes, it is a man purse. Kilts don’t have pockets so you have to have somewhere to keep your phone, money and flask…

Well it goes around your waist with a leather strap and chain as seen in the below picture.

This is the back of the sporran as it "should" be worn.

Well even with the sporran belt set to its biggest setting, I have never been able to use one without a little help to “extend” it to fit around my waist.  In the below picture you can see that I have a 6 or so inch piece of chain to use as an extension to my sporran belt, just so it would fit.

6 inch extender chain.

Well the great news is that I DID NOT have to use that chain extender yesterday! The sporran belt fits around me, and I even had to tighten it a few notches to keep it up.  Oh what a glorious day.  Now I have to make sure to stay away from the Scotch eggs,IRN BRU, strawberry cream scones, and beer when I go to the games or else my kilts will start getting tight again…

Slàinte mhòr agus a h-uile beannachd duibh.
(Google it folks…)

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