Week 54 – Gotta Get Down

Week of 05-11 through 05-17 in the year of our Lord 2012
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 54:

 251.8 lbs.
Last Week: 253 lbs.
Week Difference: -1.2 lbs.
Total Loss: 82.8 lbs.
Waist: 41.25 inches (-0.0)
Neck: 15.75 inches (-0.0)
Body Fat Percentage: 31.5% 
BMI: 31.5 (-0.1 )



So I have been thinking about the fact that eventually this is not going to be a blog about losing weight so much as it is going to be about staying healthy and getting more and more fit.  Is that ok with you?  I hope so, because I plan on not ever being a big fat guy ever again.

Here is something that struck me as funny. A rabbit wearing a top hat and a monocle drinking a glass of Tang.

Now here is something else. Back in the beginning of my fitness and health journey I wrote about my irrational fear of the gym. I used to be really afraid that people will make fun of the big fat guy who was there “trying” to lose weight. Well the other day at the kettlebell class that I am doing, a lady came and asked if I was the blogger guy. When I told her that I was she said that she wasn’t sure because I look a lot different than the guy in the header of the website.

Wow. I AM NOT that fat guy at the gym anymore “trying” to lose weight. I am now that GETTING FIT guy who is at the gym at least 3 times a week who is barely recognizable as the fat guy who USED to come into the gym last year.

This is still a weird concept for me. I have been the fat guy for so long that I am not used to NOT being the fat guy.

I went into a surf shop earlier this week to just look at some new surfboards. The owner came up and asked what I was looking for. I told him a 9’2″ or bigger and he asked how much I weighed. I told him 250 and he said, “Wow. That is a fit 250.”

Damn. I still feel fat most days, but that felt good for realz.

This is the kind of encouragement that made me get out this morning and do a crushing bridge run and that will make me get back to the KettleHell class in the morning.

Crushed that bridge! And saw a couple of dolphins too...

I am telling you folks. Losing weight is a struggle and a fight.  But isn’t there more value in achieving something that you have fought hard for?

Keep fighting folks. It is worth it.

Beast Face out!



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