Guest Post: Falling off the Podium

Hello shareholders. I am thinking that by the time you are reading this post, I will be in the air, 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean.  This is the first post in my Rage Quit guest blogger series. This post comes from my #FitFluential friend, Alan Ali. I have been following Alan’s weight loss progress for close to a year now. His determination and fortitude are un-matchable. This guy has lost over 100 pounds now and he is constantly an inspiration. Make sure to leave him some comments and then follow his blog and social links below.


Alan Ali

So if you have been watching the Olympics then you have certainly heard all the Michael Phelps buzz. People talking about his domination in Beijing, people talking about his slow start in London, and mainly just people talking about his short comings and successes. People praising him and people claiming he has lost his touch.The other night I watched an interview with Michael. He talked about how in Beijing he reached a pinnacle in his career and when the games were over he didn’t know what to do and he fell down from the top of that hill. He gained about 35 lbs and stopped swimming all together, he felt lost and it took him awhile to get back on track.

I personally am not a professional athlete and I have never been in the Olympics but I knew exactly how Michael felt. I think a lot of people reach these pinnacles in their weight loss journeys, I know that I have. You lose a substantial amount of weight, hit that big milestone and all of a sudden you start to lose steam. You start feeling very comfortable, you talk yourself into believing that you deserve to skip that workout. Thats it’s ok to eat whatever you want for a few days. Then before you know it you start to have a few bad weigh-ins and the weight starts to creep back up. You know what is going on but its hard to stop it, you can’t seem to gain control.

 Getting comfortable can be a very dangerous thing on a weight loss journey. I have felt that comfort and I have experienced the fall from the podium. I recently hit the 100 lb loss milestone in my journey and I have been telling myself everyday since “Don’t get comfortable!”. I am committed to making this time different. I know what I have to do and I understand that I still have a long road ahead of me.


Remind yourself of your goals everyday. Write them down, keep them in your pocket, read them everyday if you need to. Fight for them, fight yourself, fight for your life. We may not all be olympic champions but we are all capable of our achieving our own greatness.

I’m Alan Ali.  I am on a mission to regain my health and happiness. I have been overweight most of my life and I have decided I can’t live like this anymore. My goal is to share and maybe help others understand the daily struggles and thoughts that enter the mind of a overweight person who is trying to lose weight.

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