Happy Thanksgiving Folks.

I was planning on making a normal post today about eating well on Thanksgiving, but I ran out of time before I had to leave town for the holiday. Then I forgot to grab my laptop on the way out the door.

So I am here at my cousin’s house typing this on my phone which is about to die. So all of that to say that I won’t type out a full post here.

I do however want wish you all a Merry Day of Thanks.

Remember that all is permissible, but not all is profitable. Eat what you want, in moderation. If you need to lose lots of weight, don’t forget to log your calories and stay within your calorie limit. There is no honor in cheating. You will thank yourself on Friday.

Lastly since I won’t be at home tomorrow morning, I will be doing my weigh in on Friday. That’s right, the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Because I am a beast and I fear no scale.

Peace in the Middle East.

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