Have Feet, Will Travel

So I wan’t planning a post tonight. I figure that you probably are getting sick of me talking about me, but I just had to write tonight.

I was sitting in my afternoon meeting today thinking about what I was going to do for exercise this afternoon.  Then I had an idea. I have seen my boy Shawn from 344pounds.com  ask for feedback from his Facebook and Twitter followers about what his workout for the day should be or he might say something like “for every “like” I get I will run 1 minute” or whatever.  So I decided to put it out to my socially networked peeps to tell me what I should do. I gave them (or “YOU” if you are concerned with being acknowledged here)  the option of “Intervals on the Treadmill” or “Running Outside.” The response was overwhelmingly in the “Go Outside” range of the scale. How could I argue. It was 70 degrees and sunny with a light breeze outside today.

Seriously. This is where I run. How awesome is that?

I guess, in all honesty, it was a no brainer.

But to be even more honest, I am still have a little bit of concern with running outside.  You see, I have this weirdly irrational and mostly nonsensical fear that people will see me running and then make fun of me. They will yell horrible things at me. I think it is residual memories from some of the bullying I took as a young fatty. I still have it in my head that people are going to yell at me and tell me how stupid I look when I run. Hurtful things like…

“Hey why is that fat guy running?”

“I can feel the Earth shaking like I am in Jurasic Park…Oh wait, it’s just that guy running.”

“Outta the way! Here comes a scalded walrus!”

“Ha! Pray, feast your eyes upon that behemoth and the manner in which he scampers about!”
There are some rich snotty people where I live and I imagine that they speak like that last one…

So anyway, I put the fear of Shakespearian insults aside and I donned my new Brooks running shoes and out the door I went.

I freaking love running on Daniel Island where I live.  The path I chose today took me down by the river (the guy in the van was run off a few months ago), through the woods, past the stadium, around Smythe Lake, and back. And just when I thought I was going to throw the towel in, my body said, “You have at least 10 more minutes in you.” It turned into about 25 more minutes.

This was the longest run that I have ever done. I know because I never stopped to walk which means that I ran for 60 minutes straight. That is a first. I also felt afterwards like I KNEW it was the hardest and longest I have ever run CUZ MY LEGS WERE PAININ.

My Polar FT4 agreed with me and awarded me a 1128 calorie incineration.  Beast.

I am guessing that it was a 5 1/2 mile run, but I am not entirely sure. Could have been 6 miles, may have been 4.75. All I know is that it was my longest, my most intense, my best.

I think I am going to go have a beer for the pain.

Do you ever remember feeling giddy about a fitness accomplishment, even if it wasn’t all that impressive to the rest of the world?
I do. It was now.


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