Health of Kids

I wrote a post back in September about how part of your (my) motivation for losing weight SHOULD be to model a healthy lifestyle to your (my) kids. We all want to be raising healthy kids. Active parents equal active children and active children are less likely to be obese children.

Something seems to be working.  I think it is paying off.

My little girl always asks me if I will train her to run the Cooper River Bridge when she is ready. She knows that I do it and she wants to do it too. It warms my heart. She will be 7 this summer and it is more important now than ever to instill in her the desire to be active.

This is the one that got both my wife and I choked up today though…


The Hurricane and Greyson were playing “house” earlier today.  Greyson told Charlie that she was mommy and he was daddy.  He said, “Yay!” and ran off to his room.  He grabbed his sweatband and opened the front door and said, “I’m going running!”


That was the first thing he thought about if he was going to be me.  And to think. Just a few years ago he might have said something like, “I’m running…out to get a pizza…”

I love that my kids think about me as an active person and that it influences them to be active. In a day of TV, Internet, iPads, etc, it will be harder and harder to raise healthy and active children.  But they notice everything that we do and it will rub off on them. It isn’t too late folks. Start modeling positive, healthy behavior and your kids will notice. And they will thank you when they are adults and don’t have to fight off the back grabbing monkey of obesity.

Do it now.

Peace. Love. Churrens.



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