Fitbloggin FTW


I want to talk about my weekend at the Fitbloggin conference. I really don’t even know where to start.

I COULD start with gushing over all the incredible people that I met. So I will.

I think that even if there had not

Fitbloggin Is Drawing Nigh


Fitbloggin is drawing nigh. And I am drawing something as well. Here is another preview from my slide presentation…

Want to know why weight loss is like a horse with no rider in the desert with a saddlebag full of lettuce and chipmunk pelts?


5 Things that Hinder Weight Loss


Let me start this post by encouraging you to follow me on Instagram and “like” my Facebook fan page. I don’t always measure my success with numerical performance indicators…but when I do, I do it by looking at how many followers I have. Also, I

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The Business of Getting Back to Business


Ok folks.

I am feeling a bit better now that I have had some time off. But I am also feeling a bit bloated. I know that I weigh more right now than I did the last time i weighed in. I would be

How to Map My Run


It is funny to think that there was a time, not to distant in the past, where I wanted to give up on running. When I decided that I wanted to lose weight, I really had no idea that it would turn into a

Win a $1500 Trek Bike


That’s right. I said WIN A TREK BIKE. For reals.


If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you will know about my commitment to Louie’s Kids. If you are new to the site and haven’t had a

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I’ll Cross that Bridge When I Get To It


I am in Morehead City, NC for the week visiting the outlaws in-laws. I plan to try and get SOME rest this week, but I doubt it will happen.

I have a lot of crazy things going on and I wanted to knock out

Social Media Helped Me Lose Weight


Hello shareholders.

Did you know that social media can help you lose weight? It’s true. I am a living testament.

When I decided to run my weight loss like I run a business, I knew that I would have to tell as many people

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There’s No Going Backwards


Tonight is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday.

But enough with the lessons on the chronological order of the days of the week.

This week will be the 52nd week in my weight loss journey. That means that just a year ago, I was weighing in

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Forest For the Trees


I have come to the sudden realization that I am not seeing the forest right now because of all the trees. Are you familiar with that phrase?

Come on. I thought you were a learn-ed group of people who had some street smarts

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