Body Composition Scan – Results


This is the third in a three part mini-series/docu-drama in which I go to an exercise physiologist and take some test and she tells me what I can do to break through a weight plateau. The first installment were the results from my resting

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VO2 Max Test – Results



This is the second in a three part post series in which I am presenting the results of several fitness test that I recently had in order to help figure out how to get over this weight plateau. Make sure to go

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Resting Metabolic Rate – Results


Ok folks. I am ready to spill the beans… I really love getting this kind of data and chewing on it for a while.

In the spirit of not overwhelming you with data, I am going to break the information concerning the three fitness test

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Standing on a Weight Plateau


Weight plateau. Are you as sick of reading about it as I am of writing about it?


Then let’s get moving so we don’t have to talk about it anymore.

Today I went to my initial consult with Anne Moore (M.S., CWC) the

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What’s the Big Deal?


This is another one of those confession posts. Bear with me as I bare my soul. You guys love it (I think). 

So I have been thinking about a few things since posting my YouTube Justice video this past week. And now it is

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Counterintuitive Stall Buster


You know, I tend to think of myself as a pretty bright guy. I like to utilize logic in many situations.

But here is one that I am having trouble with.

(If you haven’t been watching my weigh in videos then you might not

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And the Polar FT40 Winner Is…


Sorry for posting this so late. I have no excuse. I can make one up, but you will know it is a lie. So I won’t make one up…

After a long and hard deliberation (deliberation is what we call beer drinking sessions here…)

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Is a Polar Beast a Yeti?


After setting a personal record on Friday I was not looking forward to today, a Monday. But it turned out to be interesting.

I had a great idea for a video this morning. Well I thought it was a good idea. Who knows what

“Working Out Sucks” – The Winners


I am out of town right now and that is a great excuse not to work out. But guess what? I am a man of unusual dedication.  Also, I am a man unusual. But that is beside the point. Check out this pic from

Making Good on a Pledge

Louis Yuhasz with participants in the Slim Down the South Baseball challenge.

Hello my lovely readers.

Hopefully you are familiar by now with the commitment that I made to Louie’s Kids, the non-profit that treats childhood obesity.  If not here is a recap…

I wanted to invest further in my own business of losing weight.

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