Epic Honduras Journey


I’m back from my epic journey to Honduras. But I am not sure I want to be.

My time in Honduras was amazing. The group of folks that went down with me were the diggity and the kids at the children’s home were incredible.

Leaving the Country


Merry Christmas folks.

I feel like we have so much to discuss.

Christmas was great for me.  We had family (my In-laws) come in and they will be here through the rest of the week. They will actually be staying here at my house

From the Bottom of My Heart…


I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.

Really I do.

And for my chosen friends, I wish you a Happy Chanukah  חֲנֻכָּה.

Happy Festivum for the rest of ’em.

I hope that you are all having a great holiday

Send Me Your Beast Face



So I decided to do a separate post about this.

I mentioned in this week’s weigh in that I am requesting pictures of you releasing your inner beast.

I want to show the Dragon Ass what it is up against.

Please send

Happy Thanksgiving Folks.

I was planning on making a normal post today about eating well on Thanksgiving, but I ran out of time before I had to leave town for the holiday. Then I forgot to grab my laptop on the way out the door.


Counting Calories That Count


This is going to be one of those posts that I need to disclaim upfront.  I AM NOT A DIETITIAN OR A NUTRITION EXPERT NOR DO I HAVE ANY TRAINING IN NUTRITION OR HEALTH FOOD. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one time.

180 Days

2004 - EA Wedding Pic

So yesterday was the 180th day that I logged into MyFitnessPal.com in order to track my daily calorie consumption. I have officially lost 71 pounds in 6 months.  No easy feat.

I have to tell you guys… I don’t care what fad diet you

3rd Quarter Stock Report


So I “officially” started this quest in May 2011, but I started thinking about it in April. So that means that I started the first month of the second quarter of the year. In this venture, a loss is actually a profit. You guys,

Functional Obesity


Have you ever heard someone referred to as a functional alcoholic?

Basically that means that they have a serious drinking problem but that somehow it doesn’t SEEM to affect their daily job function or life. They are able to keep a job (and a lot

The Weight of the World


I haven’t posted anything since my last weigh in because I went on a retreat this past weekend and I did not have a computer.  It felt good.

You know what else felt good? The weather in Black Mountain.

You know what else? I

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