So What is the Plan to Lose Weight?


So you probably want to know how I plan to ACTUALLY lose the weight.

I think losing the weight is the easy part.  It is the mental preparation and motivation that holds most people up.  Losing weight is as simple as watching what you

Why now? Why here?

I think this is going to be tough for me. I don’t like talking about my weight. I don’t like to acknowledge that I’m overweight. I don’t like hearing the words “obese” or “heavy” or “fat.” I especially don’t like other people talking about

Taking This Venture Public


I am taking this business public.  You are getting in on the ground floor of my new venture.  Consider yourself lucky.  You will reap the benefits of this initial public offering.

I have started several businesses and all of them have found success in

Welcome to My Journey…


Hello reader. You have stumbled on [or been invited to] this website chronicling the journey of my endeavor to lose weight.

I am a seriously overweight guy.  I have been a “big” guy all of my life.  But I am sick of it.  I

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