I Try Really Hard

I’m feeling a bit emo tonight. Whenever that happens I try and sit down and write because it helps clear the feculence from my cranium. I have been trying to figure out how to pen this exact post because I know what I would like to say. I just don’t know if it will translate into a palatable blog post. Regardless…

I have people tell me all the time that they “don’t know how I do it” or “how do you manage to do what you do…”  talking about my weight loss, my eating habits and/or my training schedule or whatever it is.

When I hear this, what I am actually hearing them say is, “I wish that I could do whatever it is that you are doing to get fit and lose weight, but I can’t…”

But I have something to admit.

I am not special.

I just try really hard.


It is a daily struggle for me to wake up and not eat crap all day long. It is a constant battle for me to stay on my training schedule. I face incredible mental torment when I line up at a race and see the other people around me and I think that I don’t belong. It is incredibly intimidating to be training with other guys who are so much more advanced and stronger and more fit than I am.

There are totally days when I still feel like giving up.


But I know how important it is to my personal longevity and to the lives of my family and friends. I know how many of you have seen what I am doing, or what Alan Ali is doing, or what other weight loss bloggers or fitness people are doing, and it has encouraged you and motivated you. I know how much the struggle is really worth.

And it gives me renewed motivation to continue. To keep going. To not give up.

But I still have to try really hard.

For those of you who think that you CAN’T, I’m here to tell you that you CAN.

It will be a struggle.

But you can.

What ever it is.

Keep trying. Keep doing.

It is worth it.

YOU are worth it.





10 comments to I Try Really Hard

  • Just hang in there! Everything will be worth it! 🙂

  • Still a struggle for me too buddy. Every day. Every meal I eat, every bit of food. But the satisfaction of the days when I overcome those struggles is awesome!

    And don’t you ever feel like you don’t belong. I guarantee you that every person you see at that start line has there own demons that they battle just like you…you just may not no what those demons are.

    You’ve crossed finish lines in life that most people don’t even think are possible. You are amazing. Don’t ever forget that.

  • Love this! I think it is important for everyone out their daring to try something new or uncertain to know that no matter who you are or what “level” you are competing in, we all face the same doubts and fears. A lot of people think those super fit and fast athletes don’t have tormenting thoughts or day to day struggles, but we all do at some point. That is the greatest thing about triathlon – we are all out there together facing the same struggles. And to share a little secret … A wise coach once told me that the professional athletes struggle more on the mental side of things than the age group athletes.

  • Thank you for saying this. On the one hand, we want to encourage people and convince them that they can do it, but on the other hand we can’t forget that it is hard for all of us. I think we have to keep reminding ourselves that it’s worth it — and that’s what gets us through the hard choices every single day.

  • KymberlyFunFit
    Twitter: KymberlyFunFit

    One of the most motivating posts on this subject I have read. Hug hug

  • Katie
    Twitter: katie_lf

    Amen. I teach a yoga class (even though I’m considered “obese” by dr. standards). And this weekend I taught a class where I said “I don’t care what you do” I said it multiple times throughout the workout to remind students that they need to do what they can, and not compare themselves. And then end of the class we have some meditiation time and I spoke about how the “i don’t cares” may have sounded cruel. But in reality they were said it give everyone a sense that they need to do what they want, what is best for themselves. They don’t need me or anyone else pushing or pulling them. They need to do what is best for them in the moment that they are in.

  • Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail)
    Twitter: DarwinianFail

    Amen. I feel you. Definitely still a struggle everyday

  • Amanda @runtothefinish
    Twitter: runtothefinish

    well said!!!! I have maintained my weight loss for almost 8 years now and the comments of ohh you must have such willpower always strike me because well no I don’t. I freaking LOVE cookies and pizza. I have just made a decision to focus on a different lifestyle which I also enjoy and allow for those things occasionally.

    You da man!!

  • Brooke: Not on a Diet
    Twitter: babnotonadiet

    Oh how I can relate! It is a struggle, but like you said it is worth it!

    I’m right there trying really hard too.

  • Rick

    Thanks for this note. I keep waiting to start once weight loss is going to be easy. It won’t be and I just need to start.

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