Week 66 – I’m Back. Now to Lose Weight.

Hello all. Thank you for still reading.

I am back from my trip abroad, to the land of Scots. I will go ahead and admit that I ate like crap, I drank lots of beer, AND I did not do any concerted effort at exercising. That means that I did not run across the Firth of Fourth Bridge. I really wanted to, but scheduling and the most wicked case of jet-lag EVER kept me from it. Next time, you beautiful hunk of steel…next time.

If you will remember, we left my two year old with my parents while we vacay’d and the six year old came with us. I think that if Hurricane Charlie had been there, we might have stayed…

Since I am still recovering from a week of gluttony and debauchery I figured I would just have one of those posts where I show you a bunch of pictures. Most of them don’t even have me in them. It’s ok though, they are full of much better looking people than I. Namely the hot wifey and my sweet baby G.

This was Greyson’s first time flying. She really did great. I think we will have to take more international trips.

It was a really long flight, but we finally made it. First stop was St. Andrews. This is where Prince Willy met Princess Kate. Yay for royal celebrities! Here is Greyson holding up the remains of the Cathedral of St Andrew.

I thought I needed a haircut. Then I saw this sign and KNEW I needed one.

The next day we took a train into Edinburgh. This was also a first for Greyson (both Edinburgh AND the train.)

It is the time of the year for Edinburgh Festival. This basically means that everyone and there brothers and sisters were out and about.

Including Floating Yoda.

Best thing we did in Edinburgh? Camera Obscura. If you are ever there…go. It was basically 5 floors of fun. It is basically a museum of optical fun.

The actual “camera” is really like a periscope in which you can see almost the entire city. I can’t do it justice by trying to explain it so I won’t even try. Instead here is a picture from the top of the building…

The next day we ventured on a hunt for Nessie. Then we found her. She was much more docile than I would have imagined…

I did have the opportunity to cross one bridge. Albiet not the one I had in mind.

Over the next few days we saw one Palace (Falkland Palace)…

And one castle (Glamis Castle.)

And we had afternoon tea at a swanky hotel on the North Sea.

And we also ran around in fields with sheep and thistles.



This was on the way to Mushroom Rock. Can you figure out why they call it that?

Check this out. I was here in 1997 and I carved my name in the rock. Then I brought Deetz here in 2004 and we carved her name in the rock.  Here is the picture from 2004.

Then we brought Greyson in 2012. I had to clean both my and Deetz’s names out a bit and I re-did the 97 on mine.  Cool stuff eh? Bucket list to get Charlie’s name on there.

So there you have it folks. Scotland, forever.

If you want to see a few more pics and take a look at the beers I drank while over there, go check out my Instagram.

So now I am back in the saddle and ready to get this health and fitness thing back into motion and high gear. I will also be preparing for my upcoming presentation at the Fitbloggin Conference next month. Fun things ahead my friends.

Stay tuned for a return of weekly weigh-ins. They are imminent.

Peace, love, thistles.







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