Is a Polar Beast a Yeti?

After setting a personal record on Friday I was not looking forward to today, a Monday. But it turned out to be interesting.

I had a great idea for a video this morning. Well I thought it was a good idea. Who knows what you folks will think.

I wanted to interview Newt Gingrich. Seems reasonable right? Well it took me a couple of hours to circumvent his receptionists and assistants and phone security, but I got through. Remember folks, determination is a blessing in some cases.

Watch my interview here:

I have not felt well all day.  It may be a bug, or it may be the weight of the World on my shoulders. Not sure which just yet. I went and had lunch at the Whole Foods hot bar again, and felt pretty *yarfy the entire time I was there.  I didn’t even finish my broccoli. That was disappointing considering the price of broccoli these days.

(* yarfy = yacky and barfy. I think my mom made it up)

Here is what made the day turn around.  I have been waiting to post this news officially, but today it became official.

I received my welcome package as one of the 2012 Polar USA brand ambassadors.  Check out the all the schwag…

I was approached around the end of 2011 by one of the Polar USA folks and asked if I would like to be a brand ambassador. They appreciated how enthusiastic I am and how much people love me (not sure where they get their intel). I jumped on it.  I have been using a Polar heart rate monitor religiously and being asked to represent them is an honor.

But what does being an ambassador entail?

Well, I have pretty much been doing my main function already. I tell people ALL THE TIME about how awesome Polar is and how I have been using my FT4 to help me lose weight. But now I am a part of the team! I get to participate in Polar fitness challenges and I get   to meet some really awesome folks (the other ambassadors). Another cool perk, they sent me some shwervey Polar clothes AND a new FT60!

I am giving the wifey my FT4 so that she can know what kind of burns she is pulling at the gym…

But there are going to be some cool perks for you guys as well.  Not only did they send me a new watch for myself.

They gave me one to GIVE AWAY as well…A BRAND NEW POLAR FT40 could be yours… Oh, now I have your attention?

If you are not currently subscribed to the blog, my Facebook page, and my Twitter, then you should do so now. This is where I will be announcing later this week about the rules to the giveaway.  You might just be able to walk away with this baby…

Ooooh. See how she sparkles...

So yeah, even though I have been ill today, it was a pretty good day.

I guess now I am a Polar Beast. Does that make me a Yeti for real?


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