Week 74 – Just Do It

Just do it?

Hank, what kind of cheesy title is this?

Ok, I admit. It is probably one of my least creative post titles. But I don’t care. It has significant meaning in this 74th week of my weight loss and fitness journey.

I have a lot of people ask me how I stay motivated to keep eating right and working out on a daily basis. The truth is, I am not really sure. I just know that I HAVE to. I have convinced myself that it is a necessary part of life and that I have no choice.

Of course, the truth is that it is a daily struggle. First world problems, right?

But you HAVE to do it. For your health. For your life.

Remember the story of the Dragon Ass?

I woke up on Tuesday morning and I DID not want to do any exercise. I was seriously suffering from the dragon ass.

But I strapped on my Brooks running shoes and I headed out the door. It was a cool crisp Charleston morning and I knew that my destiny would take me back to the Cooper River Bridge (aka the Arthur Ravenel Bridge), a place I have not been in a few weeks. I could feel him calling me…wanting me to tread heavily across his concrete back.

So I did.

Before I got there, I was all, “Boo. This sucks. I want to go home.”

But I kept going. I got out of my car and stretched a bit. Then I set my iPod to RUN and headed out. I was thinking the entire time, “Wow, this weather is great. This run is great. I FEEL GREAT!” I was on a time constraint so I did not run foot to foot, but when I got back to my car I remember thinking that I felt so good that I SHOULD have run all the way into the city.

It is days like that that give me motivation to continue. To keep going. To better my best. To win this war with my body and health.

I was so inspired that I started going back to the indoor cycling class this week. I must have burned more calories this week than I have in the past several months.

I also got inspired and I went ahead and signed up for the James Island Connector Run. That is another 10k bridge run here in town. I will be chalking that up to my desire to run across any bridge that I can.

So, how do I stay motivated? I just keep going. I just keep doing it.

What about you?


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