Life Sometimes Gets in the Way


Well guys.  I once again have have fallen off of the blogging grid due to stuff and life and things.

But that don’t mean I’m gone, yo!

So this coming weekend is the first of the last three of my first triathlon season which finds me currently in third place. That makes for a lot of ones and threes and that is exciting.

All seriousness aside.

I have three races left in my first triathlon season.  I am currently ranked third in the SC Triathlon Series. The next three races will determine whether or not I rank in my inaugural tri-season.  How crazy is that?  I went from being the guy who couldn’t fit on the roller coasters at Disney to being a competitive (in my division) triathlete.


So with that being said, I have some really awesome stuff in the pipeline right now that I need to blog about.  I will have race recaps from the last three races.  I have been asked to do a special trail 5k that I will post on later.  I have a product review for Skratch hydration powder that deserves to be written (cuz that junk good!) and I have some really incredible upcoming news about a new brand ambassadorship.

Are you guys ready for me to start posting again?  Tell me in the comments below what you miss about me.  If you don’t leave a comment I will assume you don’t read this blog anymore. That or you fell and broke both of your arms and can’t use a computer or lift heavy objects.  If that is the case then I forgive you…this time.

I hope all is well in your world.

Peace. Fleece. Chicken Grease.


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