One Man’s Weight Loss is Another Non-Profit’s Gain

Almost 70 pounds lost in 24 weeks



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One Man’s Weight Loss is Another Non-Profit’s Gain

CHARLESTON SC – A Charleston, SC man is putting his money where his mouth is by pledging $5 for every pound he loses to Louie’s Kids, a non-profit organization that treats childhood obesity. Hank Hanna was looking for something to inspire and motivate his weight loss journey.  “What better way to motivate yourself to action than to have someone else rely on your success,” said Hanna. “Investing in a good cause is already a motivation for me but this is a whole new way of investing in self and others.”

Hanna has decided to run his weight loss journey like he would a small business.  He commented, “I have been successful in running small businesses, but I have not been successful in losing weight in the past.  I figured that I should take a successful model and apply it to this challenge.” He is taking his journey public with his blog, The Business of Losing Weight. One of his goals is to have as many supporters as possible, or what he calls his “shareholders.” He will be accountable to his share holders and would like for them to help support him along the way with encouragement and motivation. “No business can succeed if no one knows about it,” said Hanna.

The journey will not be an easy one for Hanna, however.  His goal is to lose over 100 pounds, the equivalent of a $500 donation.  In a day and age where the temptation to eat poorly and exercise infrequently is leaning on the doorbell, losing that much weight is a hefty challenge. “I know losing 100 pounds or more will not be easy, but I am mentally ready and I have the children that Louie’s Kids supports to keep me motivated.  I do not want to let them down,” commented Hanna.

“I really believe that he will inspire a lot of our kids. It’s a genuine effort, and it’s evident in his selflessness,” said Louis Yuhasz, the organization’s founder.  Yuhasz has accepted Hanna’s pledge and has vowed to in return to support Hanna along the way with encouragement, support, advice and friendship.

Friends, family and strangers have actually jumped on board to show their support for the cause.  Several people have committed to pledging their own money for every pound that Hanna loses.  “I would love to see how many others make a commitment along with mine,” said Hanna. “It could make this whole thing very lucrative for such an awesome organization.”

As of October 20th, 2011, Hanna has lost 67 pounds.  He is 24 weeks into his journey and says that he is still as motivated as he was on day one.

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