Making Buddies…Run Buddies

As you guys know, part of my business plan and motivation is my support of Louie’s Kids.  These guys are in turn giving ME support in the form of encouragement, motivation and friendship.

I met Kevin Adcock at the Big Chef Little Chef event a few weeks back, and he has been one of my biggest supporters.  He always gives me feedback on my blog posts and he has been trying to get me to come out with him and some of the kids to do some exercise for a couple of weeks.

Kevin runs (literally) a wing of Louie’s Kids called Run Buddies, which is an athletic mentoring program that matches adult running/walking mentors with youth who are at risk for childhood obesity. What a freakin amazing concept! It was explained to me as “like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, except we get out and sweat!”

I finally was able to catch up with him and my new buddies Tre’Quan and De’Quan this morning.  We walked across the Cooper River Bridge on a beautiful albiet HOT day.  It was an awesome experience and I was able to share a bit about myself with those guys and learn about them in return.  I have decided that this is going to be an activity that I hope to participate in more often!  Check out this pic that Kevin took of us on the upswing…


These guys actually RAN on the backside of the adventure, from the top of the bridge to the bottom.  How awesome is that?

I was having a bit of a rough afternoon today, just feeling really tired and a bit down on myself, until Kevin posted this pic on Facebook.  It lifted my spirits and I went and hit the elliptical for 30 more minutes since I DIDN’T run this morning (only walked).  Thanks guys.  I think Kevin wanted me to give you guys some inspiration, but you guys inspired me!

RunBuddies 4 life!

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