Making Good on a Pledge

Hello my lovely readers.

Hopefully you are familiar by now with the commitment that I made to Louie’s Kids, the non-profit that treats childhood obesity.  If not here is a recap…

I wanted to invest further in my own business of losing weight. I wanted to somehow get “skin in the game” or put my money where my mouth was. I figured that a good investment would be to pledge to serve a bigger cause than just my own weight loss.  I pledged $5 for every pound that I lost between May and the end of the year to Louie’s Kids, a Charleston based non-profit organization that is dedicated to treating childhood obesity. Read more about why I decided to do this in this previous post.

Well the time has come to make good on my pledge.

On January 25th I have been invited onto a local television show called Lowcountry Live to talk about my journey and to present Louis Yuhasz, the founder of Louie’s Kids, with the proceeds from my pledge.

Louis Yuhasz with participants in the Slim Down the South Baseball challenge.

At the end of the “deadline” I had lost 78 pounds, but I had lost 81 by the end of the year, so that is the number I am going to base my contribution on. That means personally I will be presenting a check for $405. I was really hoping to have reached the 100 pound lost mark by the end of the year which would have meant a $500 contribution, but alas…


So my contribution is not the only one that I will be making.  I had several friends and family offer to make contributions based on my weight loss as well.  Some pledged $1 per pound lost and some pledged $2 per pound lost.  All in all I think I will have somewhere around $1000 (I hope) to contribute!  What a blessing to an incredible organization! I have met with these guys on several occasions and I know what an awesome job they are doing to help address and remedy the epidemic of childhood obesity.


So since making my pledge to Louie’s Kids, I have broadened my audience and grown my overall web coverage by several hundred eyes.  Some of you may not have heard about my pledge and maybe some of you would like to participate.  I would love it if you still wanted to.  Louie’s Kids would love it if you still wanted to.  AND IT ISN”T TOO LATE.  You have until January 25th to participate!

Here is what I would love.  Please consider choosing one of the following contributions:

$0.50 for every pound I lost = $39
$1.00 for every pound I lost = $78
$2.00 for every pound I lost = $ 156

or just a general one time contribution of what ever you would like.

In order for it to be presented on Lowcountry Live, I would greatly appreciate you making a check out to Louie’s Kids. Make the memo line read “Business of Losing Weight.” Then please drop that check in the mail to me at:

Hank Hanna
1319 Elfe Street
Daniel Island SC 29492

If you want to participate please consider doing so as quickly as possible.

I will be taking all of the check and presenting them in total on live television.  I would love to walk into the tv studio with a massive stack of checks! Please consider taking part.  This is something that transcends our personal desire to make ourselves healthy. This is an opportunity to help fight an epidemic.

Are you going to sit by on the sidelines or are you going to get involved? I’m the coach on this one and I am ready to put you in.


Peace, love, serve others.



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