Clothes Falling Off

Now this post is not going to be what you think.  I think the motivation for anyone to lose weight would be so their clothes fit better right?  I DO have that motivation and goal.

However, this motivational post is more about the weight of my clothes.

About a week ago, the shelf (wire hanger shelf) in my closet which hold most of my hanging clothes came crashing down.  It had basically pulled right off of the wall and broken the plastic anchors that were holding it in place.  At the time I thought, Uh, cheap piece of crap.

It took me until this weekend to go by the home improvement store, buy new anchors and re-hang the shelf. As I was taking my clothes out of the closet it hit me.  Hard. Like a ton of clothes…

Most people don’t think about the fact that a heavier persons clothes weigh more than normal because of the increased amount of fabric that it takes to make the clothes.  As I was moving my clothes around I noticed that that the hangers that some of my clothes were on were sagging.  It sparked my interest. I inspected the areas where the shelf anchors pulled out.  I realized that it was the weight of my clothes that had caused the shelf to collapse.  Wow what a thing to comprehend. My clothes are fat.

I finished installing the shelf and then took a look at the pile of clothes that needed to be hung back up.  Now I had a choice.  I could hang all of the clothes back up and risk them crashing back down again. OR, I could take a risk. A risk based on the idea that I WAS going to be losing weight.  Most of the clothes are winter clothes anyway and I would not be needing them in this 90+ degree weather.  If my path continues I will need to buy new winter clothes anyway, right?

So off they go to Goodwill.  My motivation is that I will not be replacing these clothes with the SAME sized clothes. I WILL NEED to buy new clothes to replace these that will be too big for me come winter.  Otherwise I am going to have a chilly cold season…


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