Half-Moon Outfitters

When I was in high school, a new outdoor shop called Half-Moon Outfitters opened up in Downtown Charleston.  I was pretty excited to go check it out.  I am an outdoor enthusiast, even if I have not been regularly active in the past.  I love being in the mountains, and being on the water, and the thought of climbing and hiking and surfing and paddling thrill me to no end.

So I headed on over to check the store out.  When I got there I was in love.  This place had all sorts of stuff for someone like me (so I thought).  They had surfboards and camping gear and kayaks and sleeping bags and Patagonia and Tevas and The North Face stuff and I was in love.

My joy was soon overshadowed, however, by the sudden realization that I might have a desire to be the kind of person who shopped there, but that I would not be able to wear the clothes that they sold there. Hmmm.  So how was I supposed to fit in with my fellow Folk Hipsters – a term that was of course not in use at that time. Nor is it really at this time. I heard someone use it to describe the outdoorsy type of guys that had big beards and listened to Mumford and Sons but weren’t really hippies. I totally embrace this modern moniker.

Patagonia and The North Face don’t really carry “husky” sizes.  I tried on an XXL fleece (which at the time was a size I could squeeze into) and it it fit me more like a small. Fat guy in a little coat… There were bulges in places that bulges shouldn’t be. The phrase “too much sausage in the casing” comes to mind, and not in the good way.

I was pretty bummed, and honestly have been bummed since that point, because I have never been able to wear a lot of the clothing that I have wanted to be able to wear.  And even if I had been able to squeeze into it, I would have been a poseur because for as much as I wanted to be doing the outdoor thing, I wasn’t in any shape to actually get out and dot it.

But here is the cool thing…

There used to be a belt that I had my eye on (for years) but the biggest size was at least two sizes too small for me. But here I am writing this post, wearing that belt. I still have to buy my pants online and I am still wearing a XXL shirt, but the day is coming.

I can feel it.

I am going to own at least one article of Patagonia clothing and the same for The North Face and I am going to buy them from Half-Moon.(only one of each because that is all a normal person can afford – if that). I don’t care if they are not the “cool” thing to wear anymore.

Consider me retro.

And once  I own those articles of clothing I will hike to Machu Picchu. Casey, you wanna go back?

The day is coming. And I will post pictures.

And you will laugh. And you will cry. And you will say, “He did it, bless his heart. He did it.”



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