My Victory So Sweet

My wife told me something the other day that has made me realize that I have won.

If I never lose another pound, I have won.

If I never win another race, I have still won (ok ok I haven’t actually won any races, but you get the point.)

If I never inspire another person to lose weight, get fit, eat right, or be awesome…

I have still won.

My wife told me the other day that my children do not remember, nor will they ever know, the old me. The unfit me. The me that didn’t fit on the rides at Disney. Β The me that used to eat 5000 calories a day or more. The me who got winded at the THOUGHT of exercise.

The me that weighed 360 pounds.


My kids know me as the dad that gets out and plays with them. They know me as the dad that exercises daily. They know me as the dad that eats healthy most of the time but that doesn’t obsess over food. They know me as the dad that does triathlons. They know me as the dad that encourages them to be active and eat healthy. Β They know me as the dad that wants them to run with me.


My kids will never know me as unhealthy dad.

I started this weight loss journey for many, many reasons. And the benefits to my health, attitude and life have been innumerable. But they ALL fail in comparison to the benefit that my kids are getting from this. They are getting a healthy father who is demonstrating a healthy lifestyle to them. And that is how kids learn. By watching what we do as parents.

I am a winner folks. There is no finisher’s medal for this. There is no podium or prestige. But who needs it?

Be an example folks. The prize package is more valuable than gold.



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