Not Wanting Obese Children

“A new study… shows that obese parents are far more likely to have obese children than normal-weight parents…”

That should be all the motivation I need.

I am potentially setting my children up for failure if I do not lose weight.  I do not want that for my kids and I will not stand for it.

Childhood obesity is already a huge problem in the States.  Some studies say that up to 33% of our children are obese. A lot of the problem lies in the fact that the parents of those children do not model a healthy lifestyle.  They eat crap and they don’t exercise.  I do not want to be that parent. I am going to try and be a parent that teaches my children to eat healthy and be active.

But it will be a steep uphill battle if I am obese and not living a healthy lifestyle myself.

This weight loss journey is not just a “self-improvement” journey anymore.  This is for the sake of myself AND my children.

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